Game not playable as game.html?

  • Hello i have Extracted the Game Vivaldia allmost as Files.
    But as game.html is this not Playable.

    Game come from
    Start: -> vivaldi://game

    And the Soundtrack can i extracted, But no Player > Vlcplayer or else can play the .ogg files.

    How can i save the .ogg Files as Original so i can play the Good Music in my Favorite Music Player ?
    Vivaldi Browser can not save Automaticaly the .ogg Files. Do Open as Browser html, This is wrong.

    Hexeditor -> assets/Audio/music1.ogg

    Resources Extract in Vivadi Browser with Extra Developer Tool, Media, Strg + S
    New Tab -> Extra Developer Tool -> Examine -> Network



    and more...

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    @gantnerer said in Vivaldia:

    Hello i have Extracted the Game Vivaldia allmost as Files.
    But as game.html is this not Playable.

    Nobody told that the game is a HTML5 game which can be played outside Vivaldi browser.

    I apologize, i see now your good work! 🏆

  • @gantnerer What is this "Hexeditor" you use to access the game assets?

    The chrome:// URLs are special and so not detected as the correct file type. What works is to first double-click the file in the Network tab, which opens it in a new tab as plain data. Then open Devtools in that page, and you can save the file from the Sources tab. Or do Ctrl+R and save it from the Network tab.

    Really tedious, but it's what needs to be done, unless you have another idea?

  • I have Finished the Game outside from Vivaldi Browser with Cheats.

    1. Sourceocde Download
      Game here: vivaldi-source\ui\webui\game\ extract to

    2. Install Xampp, only Apache is needed
      extract to C:\xampp\htdocs

    Cheat Edit: vivaldia-worker.js, Search for
    vivaldia-worker.js -> this._maxLives=oe._spectator?100:3 // 3 = Lives
    0==this._lives?this._killPlayer() -> 99==this._lives?this._killPlayer()

    Edit Windows host file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Start Error with Firefox -> OffscreenCanvas ?

    Firefox 82-83: (not Playable)
    Can be enabled via the
    about:config, gfx.offscreencanvas.enabled
    flag. Currently only supports
    WebGL contexts, not 2D.

    Ready ok to Play:
    Opera from v71
    Chrome from v87-89
    Chrome Android from v85
    Edge from v86

    Start Your Favorite Browser (no Firefox) and use Url: Have Fun.

    I think Vivaldi Browser have Pay Money for this Funny Game.
    And no one should do Play this Game outside off Vivaldi Browser.
    The Game is probably intended to spread the browser more quickly,
    Like the Surf Game in the Microsoft Edge Browser.

    Have a Nice Day, Gantnerer

    PS: And therefore Supported the Builders Community of Vivaldi Browser and do not the same I do.

    The End of the Game:


  • @Pathduck said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    What is this "Hexeditor" you use to access the game assets?

    A hex editor is sort of like a special kind of text editor, except instead of editing files encoded as plain text, you're editing binary files encoding in hex. There are standalone hex editors, online hex editors, and plugins/add-ons for various text editors/IDEs that enable hex editing inside those tools.

    I don't know what you prefer to use, but here are a big of open source projects on GitHub

  • @BoneTone I know what a hex editor is 😉
    I was just wondering how the user was able to view the game assets in a compiled DLL file using a "hex editor". Probably they mean something like a resource extractor.

  • @Pathduck My sarcasm meter was at like 67%, so I erred on the side of sharing info. I suppose it'll help readers who didn't know.

  • Moderator

    @gantnerer Now i understand. I see you like do investigate and "reverse engineer" ( i know what you did is not r.e. ) 😉
    Very Nerdy!!!!!

  • Hello, Thank @Gwen-Dragon. For your Words, I think Mod do Delete my Thread.

    Have use Aborange Searcher 3.01 latest Freeware, 7zip, Hexworkshop
    Searcher can search in Files (WinXP like).

    Have a Nice Day

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    @gantnerer said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    I think Mod do Delete my Thread

    Noooo! This thread is ok. All you do is ok.
    You and others like to know how the game was built.

  • Last One for Fun:

    From Microsoft Edge Browser the Buildin Game S.U.R.F
    I have extracted the Game from Source but I did not manage to start the game playable but another user:

    Microsoft Edge Sourcecode Search: Microsoft Edge
    Original Start: -> edge://surf
    Ninjacat: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → b a

  • @gantnerer said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    Please add <> around this URL, otherwise the forum removes the last . from it: <>

  • @gantnerer said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    Ninjacat: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → b a

    Also known as the Konami Code

  • @potmeklecbohdan said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    Please add <> around this URL, otherwise the forum removes the last . from it:

    Or you can use markdown to create links:

    [Text of link goes here]( "Title goes here")

    Results in:
    Text of link goes here

  • @BoneTone said in Game not playable as game.html?:

    Or you can use markdown to create links

    The <> way is also MD.

  • @potmeklecbohdan Right, but it's just URL. Using the other syntax allows you to turn text into a link and also apply the title attribute if desired, both of which can improve accessibility and the user's understanding of what the link is.

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