2 Features I think Vivaldi still needs

  • The flexible options Vivaldi has make it very special for power users but what would be nice is to be able to launch Vivaldi with different settings or profiles. Example, I like to have tabs on the side on my regular main browser but I also have other monitors, one is a vertical one where wide area is very limited but browsing pages there is a pleasure because of the full vertical size. So tabs on the sides there make no sense, in that monitor tabs on the top or bottom make sense. In another one I run it on full screen and another one I prefer no tabs at all. As you can see, having to manually change settings on each browser instance per monitor is very annoying. It would be great to be able to launch this directly from an icon in Vivaldi that applies those settings to that instance. The other thing which makes Vivaldi extremely hard to use in my setup is that you can't detach tabs. I just love this in other browsers. I'm browsing something and I need to send it to another monitor. You can't do this with Vivaldi, basically I have to hit Ctrl N and open a new Windows and then manually copy the url there and close my original tab. Detachable tabs should be something implemented for power users. This is the biggest thing I hate about Vivaldi currently. I can't detach/attach tabs to it.

  • I requested Profiles too. It's a much needed feature for modern browsers 🙂

  • Profiles is even more advanced, in my case I'm the same user, I just need to have different visual settings on each monitor. Not actually different profiles. I need the same bookmarks, data, etc. Just having different setups I can switch fast.

    Maybe this can be passed as parameters in a shortcut like –tabs-top and it will open Vivaldi with tabs on the top. Or --no-tabs

    Its just an idea. But what I really need and is killing me, is detachable tabs. That is one of the things I hate the most about Vivaldi right now. I'm using Ctrl N for now, but its very slow to open a new Window. Then I have to manually paste the url and close the original tab, very annoying and time consuming.


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