Theme Colored Navigation bar – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2074.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot introduces navigation bar that inherits Theme color and updates Chromium to the latest version.

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  • Super hyper very first again...this are very good news 👌👍🍀🍁

    1. There are still quite a few white flashes in dark mode while launching a page from scratch.
    2. Any tab that has it's background turned dark closes with a bright white flash.
    3. The Tab grid is helpful but I think it would be better if people get a choice to move it to the bottom when bottom address bar is selected. Otherwise the basic purpose of One-handed usage is negated.

  • @mariap Navigation theme not change with system theme.if select light theme then its change .it remain black otherwise.

  • @gurmeetim said:

    @mariap Navigation theme not change with system theme.if select light theme then its change .it remain black otherwise.i checked its remain black when battery saver on.

  • Instead of just coloring the navbar, you should just do edge-to-edge rendering (drawing content behind the navbar and even the status bar and insetting UI elements appropriately)

  • Scrolling up doesn't hide address bar, tab bar and menu bars. Bug still present in this snapshot.

  • @zaqplm you seem to be the only person (constantly) saying this... did you ever consider it might be something wrong with your installation? Did you try a clean install?

    (Edit: also I think you mean when scrolling down not up (i.e. you go down the page, the content goes up the screen). It's not even supposed to hide those things when you actually scroll up...)

  • @mossman: Oh well! Found the issue. Apparently, it was another photography app that was given permission to "draw over other apps", causing Vivaldi UI not to disappear when scrolling down. Disabled that app and Vivaldi UI works fine now. Thanks!

  • I voraciously consume every new Desktop Snapshot very soon after they become available in the herecura repo [i fear i am an addict]. Paradoxically i am far slacker with my Android Snapshot updates, feeling no need to have similar alacrity [reflecting my "onlineness" mode being 99% pooter & 1% mobile].

    This morning i updated my phone's version to the latest [i was maybe two versions behind til then]. I was simply delighted to discover in the Settings that we now have the capability to select a Custom DNS. This is fantastic, & now lets me uninstall Blokada to claw back more valuable space on my miserable device.

    When did the Mobile Snapshots first get this capability? I am certain it was not there with the initial version, but have no idea if it came long ago or recently. Searching the forum, for DNS in the Android Snapshot category, revealed only this single mention:

    I was impressed by how Vivaldi mobile evolved, ... specially with ... Dns-over-https ... supported in Android version

    Almost all other posts AND Release Notes in the Mobile Snapshot threads of the past couple of months have wittered on about nice but secondary stuff like colours & positions of bars & speeddial cosmetics. Tbh i feel gobsmacked that much more has not been made, by Devs &/or users, of the mobile snapshot now letting us pick a DNS. I'm very grateful to have this feature, now i've belatedly stumbled across it.

  • @Steffie Oh rats. Pls can anyone else confirm this apparent bug?

    • Launch Snapshot.
    • Standard, not Private, tabs.
    • Settings - Privacy - Privacy - Use secure DNS - On - Choose another provider - Custom - Cloudflare
    • Back out to Speeddial
    • Browse to; confirm that indeed CF is the active DNS.
    • Return to Speeddial
    • Exit Snapshot.
    • Relaunch Snapshot.
    • Browse to; scream aloud in existential angst that V lost the setting & is back to the ISP's DNS.
    • Confirm this by rechecking the Settings.
    • Try again this time with Quad9.
    • Scream again in existential angst2 that V has Britneyed again.

  • @Steffie Dns available in Chrome too .So this is not a vivaldi feature.its comes with latest chromium .So its not mentioned.

  • @Steffie Hmmm, so nobody else:

    • read this?
    • uses this setting?
    • has the problem?

    Well it still happens to me 100% of the time, so even without anyone else's confirmation i've now reported it.


  • @Steffie Well, thank goodness. Now i know there's one other person in the world for whom this bug also exists.

    Vivaldi mobile (android) secure DNS keeps turning off
    is it a bug or what? I add my custom DoH address, it stays there for a while then the DoH option turns off. Why? any solution? thanks

    DoH keeps disabling, I tried on multiple phones.

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