Extensions for Vivaldi like Opera LInk?

  • Hi. Opera [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/browsers/3610-opera-link-is-officially-gone-as-of-december-2015#41740]shuts down their Opera LInk sync servers[/url] so have you someone any ideas for one or more extensions for Vivaldi that work like an Opera LInk (since Vivaldi doesn't have any sync features)? Basics request: - sync Vivaldi bookmarks - sync Vivaldi notes These two synchronizations is crucial for me. i also think about syncing files with saved bookmarks/notes from Vivaldi user folder (somehow), but Vivaldi still has nothing like vivaldi:config where I can remap or set these files for/from another folder (like set bookmarks and notes files to Dropbox folder and set Vivaldi tu use these files from this location). Thanks. MartinezZ [size=2][i]//End of Opera browser like Opera 15+ is one of the biggest web-technology and web-user's disaster of 21. century. Vivaldi is on the way now, but cannot be that fast with developing as fast is Opera with continuously destroying her 🙂 image and reputation. Sadly.[/i][/size] PS: Excuse my magnificent English :whistle:


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