Bookmarks, passwords & browser history transferral?

  • Hey everyone, I just installed Vivaldi today and I'm going to transfer over from Firefox. Fortunately, the Chrome store has all the extensions that I need. Firefox's [url=]policies[/url] have brought me to this community. Since a few of my extensions will be terminated eventually, I came to Vivaldi! I heard it a few times and after hearing about the policies and philosophy of the developers I loved it immediately. Now then... some questions. [ol][li]Can I transfer all of my bookmarks, passwords, and the browser history of firefox over to Vivaldi?[/li] [li]I looked around to see where to get extensions -- it only referred me to the Google Chrome Store. Where are some repositories I can look at for my missing extensions?[/li] [li]Can I transfer browser cookies / game data from Firefox to Vivaldi? There are some browser [url=]games[/url] that I've been playing.. a lot.[/ol] Feel free to just smack links with no explanation.

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    1. File menu, Import Data,
    2. Yes, Vivaldi is Chrome based. I use just one extension for APNG

  • Thank you.


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