Three Cheers to Vivaldi 3.4: a powerful and fun version arrives

  • @Bard-Viv No because what you say is not true. But if you insist there are other "naked" browsers where you can go back and forth by clicking the arrows and have some basic bookmarks if that's your thing and gain some milliseconds, check vanilla Chromium.

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    @Bard-Viv The developers always try to optimize Vivaldi in design, speed, size and usability. You know that you can not always get all of them.

  • ❓ Will the menu you open become customizable when you right click on a website? ❓

  • Seems to have totally disabled text anti-aliasing/smoothing on Vivaldi - all the usual text on my webpages looks like junk now, all blocky and thin-fonts (I just ran the upgrade from the Check for Updates button).

    And the game thing is pointless and pops up on the Start Page? Disabled. Glad I didn't deploy Vivaldi in work, because that would have been a meeting in itself to explain why there are now games on the browser for everyone.

    Nice to see that you're spending all those months of development productively putting in things that break or that people don't want.

  • If you have multiple windows open beware with this upgrade! I have just upgraded on Linux. I had 2 windows each with over 2 dozen tabs and after the upgrade Vivaldi was opened with one window. Fine, I clicked on the trash icon and saw Window with XX tabs option and clicked on it and it opened a new window with exact copy of the tabs on the previous window. I can not restore the other window tabs; tried several times. Now the weirdest part is, I opened a new blank window and I tried to open each tab manually. As I was doing it, the number of the item "Windows with XX tabs" was decreasing and that item disappeared completely after the last tab. Then I closed Vivaldi. It opened with one window again. Same issue again. If you have multiple windows open, you might want to skip this version. I am trying to see if I can downgrade to previous version.
    Edit: I have been backing up my Vivaldi sessions hourly with a shell script so I could restore a previous session and things are fine.

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    @kened Have you enabled Allow for Custom UI modifications in vivaldi://experiments and chosen a suitable folder that does not get overwritten with updates?

  • Thanks @Jon and all at Vivaldi for the continued development of this most wonderful browsing tool. I love using Vivaldi as my everyday driver. I will use some of the enhancements in this version, but do wish you would add a volume control slider to the P-in-P video player. I know it's been requested because I've requested it myself. It's great to be able to fully resize the P-in-P window, and mute the video quickly, but adding a volume slider would really polish the feature. Thank you again for all you do!

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    @joeduffus , thank you for your kind words. We will continue to do our best to improve all our features. Your request is also on the list.

  • shout out to developers! 😀 😀
    geez i love the game idea. and overall this release is a killer version! 😱

  • Sorry for me the speed dial on Android is now very hard to use. Why show only 3 shortcuts on a screen? I had small icons set before, I can't find this option now. Play games if you like but please don't lose useful features.

  • I would find a ram and cpu usage monitor on the statusbar to be extremely useful.

  • In this particular version, buttons, addressbar and few UI elements got rounded? Or when? I can't find any option to set proper, previous fashion...

  • @alienprober: I do love Vivaldi and already apologized to Jon, who graciously accepted.

  • @Priest72 Why don't you create a feature request thread? You've mentioned it again in May but that does not have long-term visibility 😉
    Personally on KDE I have a couple of widgets running which are showing CPU, RAM and whatnot, I wouldn't say it would be my priority request right now 🙂
    Maybe with conky you could customize it yourself to show CPU and RAM of the vivaldi processes alone?

  • Unfortunately 3.4 is a very unstable version: the application randomly quits, without displaying the dialog box to send a bug report. Fortunately when it restarts I still have my 2 windows (with plenty of tabs each), but in this situation for me it's unusable.
    I'm going to uninstall and go back to 3.3 until there's a fix for it.
    Sorry, but stability should be the most important thing, especially for a browser (which is THE primary tool nowadays for anybody). Games should go to the bottom of the priorities...

  • @cdimauro I can't confirm that... Vivaldi 3.4 is very stable. It's probably because of your PC.

  • @cdimauro Just out of curiousity have you tried unticking the vivaldia game in settings.
    When i installed 3.4 earlier today i noticed that vivaldi was vanishing for no apparent reason.(could be my old computer.?).When i unticked the game box everything returned to normal and i have not experienced it since.

  • @stardepp: I perfectly known what I'm talking about. BEFORE the 3.4 Vivaldi was quite stable. I just updated it to 3.4, and NOW I'm getting very frequent quits of the application. So, it's definitely NOT a problem of my PC (which is rock solid).

  • @priest72: not tried before, but the problem is exactly what you reported: Vivaldi vanishes (randomly: I didn't found the root cause) without any specific reason.
    I've disable Vivaldia now, as you suggested, after reinstalling the 3.4: let's see if it's back working. Thanks for suggestion! 🙂

  • @priest72: the browser is more stable now, but it still vanishes from time to time.
    However I've found a way to reproduce it:

    1. open a new tab with the speed dial;
    2. do NOT click on any item: just leave the tab showing the speed dial;
    3. go to another application;
    4. after around 17-18s Vivaldi quits.

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