Vivaldi on Android launches improved Speed Dial layout, introduces built-in arcade game Vivaldia

  • @Vakkotaur It’s 2mb. If you load new reddit that’s like 5mb easily. And the only thing that could possibly annoy you is the bigger download, not the space on disk, and certainly not cpu or ram, because the game doesn’t use either when not played. So what’s your issue exactly?

  • Wow... Some are really mean... 🙁
    The game is just about 2mb in size...

    Some are just there to complaint just to complaint like a Karen who got in lockdown for way too long and are boiling in the inside to provoke another of such public meltdown, but are patethically picking upon a simple game that the Vivaldi team didn't even make themselve, therefore haven't even wasted a single picosecond of time used for more productive developments.

    I think that some are loosing the grain here, lacking of sleep like those programmer at 3 AM when suddenly receiving a email full of requests and cancellation of the ongoing project, triggering those sleepless zombie-like creatures' despicable moods, searching for a way to discharge all that built up rage.

    It's a 2mb game. It is not even running in the background. It does not even suck up any precious CPU cycles of yours. It does not even loads from your unoptimized HDD until you actually activate it. It will not make your questionable websites load slower. Therefore, I think there's a lot of misconception going on here.

    Plus, this game is amusing. You might actually step off your mood, jump off your high horse, get rid of that hostile boomery attitude mixed in a cacophony of triggered Karens, and actually play that game at least once! You might realize how poor of a human being you were to throw insults about it, how you acted like a little child who didn't had that corner of the cake with the most icing, therefore deeming the cake is a total horror crying outloud.

    This game won't suck away any of your time, it won't affect your life, it won't suddenly bring back that terrible substitute teacher you once got in grade 7.

    Starting to realize how ridiculous and insane you are by complaining about a inexistant problem that in fact does not even matter?
    Go outside, get some fresh air, obviously it is getting apparent that your neurons are smeared with rust.

    Its just a game.
    Its just 2mb.
    Its not running in the background,
    Its not loaded from the drive until you launch it.
    Its not a life treath

    Thank you for your admirable comprehension, have a wonderful day!

  • @luetage: I quite understand new genuine features will almost always increase memory (storage) footprint. This just, well, yeah I am an ancient creature who knows from direct experience of hand optimizing to make things even fit at all. Yes, I've done embedded. Sure, it's a bit different today, but, well, it just seems sinful to add things that provide ZERO gain in actual utility/performance. (I think the Hue stuff is quite silly, and not for me, but somehow it doesn't scream wrongness at me. Games in other things do. "All programs will increase in size/complexity until they can read e-mail" has become "All programs will increase in size/complexity until they include a game." And sure it was an outside thing, but we get a freaking game BEFORE the more useful?!? I'll actually give Firefox something of a pass on THIS one, as they kept it simple with Pong... which, well, 1972: It had be truly small.)

    And I don't Reddit.

  • @Frostpunk check the settings and select small icons for speed dial. It sounds like you have the same experience as me and was shocked when it reverted to giant speed dial thumbnails - apparently this was the original speed dial and we selected the small option when it came later.

  • “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

    The best is uncontaminated with a drive-waster.

  • Alright, I know some think I must be some sort of insane for being adamantly against the inclusion of a videogame in Vivaldi. It's been 2020, the Year of Eternal Mondays. Aside from one event in February EVERY normal, stabilizing, pressure-release-valve was cancelled. Normal things closed. I couldn't even go out for a beer on my late father's birthday. One of the last, few, precious things was Vivaldi being a great, UNCONTAMINATED browser. I am NOT a gamer. I do not even have solitaire installed. NO games. And then... Vivaldi succumbs to 2020 and adds something utterly and completely useless. Something I would like to see every trace of, every stain of its infection, its corrosion sponged and purged and, if need be, blasted from the once-pure Vivaldi.

    "It's only 2 MB" is as welcome as hearing "It's only 2 barrels of methylmercury" in the lake a couple blocks away.

    Vivaldia: Just another damn 2020 disaster.

  • - Ambassador -

    @Vakkotaur It sounds like you need to watch Groundhog Day again.

  • @pesala: Once was QUITE enough.

  • @pesala: This still ends up with the, in my opinion, ugly add new speed dial button. On desktop setting the homepage to about:blank works well but that's not an option on android.

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