Does anyone know if Workona is compatible with Vivaldi?

  • I have a tab management tool I use in Chrome. I'm' just curious if anyone has used that in Vivaldi.

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    No. Vivaldi has a Tab management out of the box. Why should I use these "workaround"?

  • I haven't. I use Tabs Outliner in Chrom[e/ium], but Vivaldi's native tab management tools are so good that I don't bother with extensions for that. Instead I make use of the window panel, the Advanced Panels Mod with Sessions Panel, and the AutoSave Sessions Mod. Those cover all the functionality & UI tools that I want.

    I'm not certain what functionality Workona has, or if that covers it all, but I highly recommend the AutoSave Sessions Mod -- it can prevent you from losing lots of tabs due to some error. It will save your session every X minutes, and keep the last Y autosaved sessions, which are two independent variables you can configure. The other Mod allows you to create advanced panels, but it comes with the Sessions Panel as an example, which I find a very useful way to create, access & manage saved sessions -- much better than the native UI.

    I've never heard of Workona, so I'm not sure if you'll find anyone else who has used it. But you can always just install it and see if it works. If there are issues, you can follow up in this forum & also contact the extension's author for help.

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