Links with href attribute are focusable per default

  • Based on another forum thread I would like that the

    "Wepage focus" default option is changed from

    "Focus forms only" to "Focus all controls and links"

    This is the standard behaviour and suggested way of considering links with href attributes as focusable areas according to the W3C:

    Modulo platform conventions, it is suggested that the following elements should be considered as focusable areas and be sequentially focusable:

    a elements that have an href attribute

    It will improve the default A11Y of the browser and aligns with the behaviour of any other major browser.

    Thus instead of having a hardly perceived option to buy into the more accessible option, the option becomes the standard and you can opt-out if you really, really want to. But we do not exclude millions of users from the start by setting the obvious wrong default value.

    With best regards,

    Andi aka. andi1984

  • Moderator

    @andi1984 +1 voted

    As a webdev (since 1999) I support all enhancements for better #a11y ans usability!

  • I use tab and shift-tab accessibility shortcuts all the time, so I +1 this too 🙂

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