Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65

  • @mizouniihichem how about translating the game to your language instead of "vocalizing" the thumbs up button? That would be more helpful and meaningful to Vivaldi if you care about it.

  • @Pesala Why so grumpy? What you are so upset about is called "promo" and guess what, when it's going to be in the news many people will download Vivaldi out of plain curiosity and maybe they will like Vivaldi and discover its other features as well and use it, that's far better than nobody downloading your browser because of some "stupid*" customizing tab entries gimmicks, right? Marketing basics 0 1. Plus it's something light-hearted, non intrusive and of a certain quality, not the usual heavy corporate spam.

    Also it's not my business in what manner and style you want to communicate with the developers, but since other people can see what you are writing and can be offended, insulted and hurt by your derogatory attitude against games please refrain next time from expressions like "a stupid* game", "those who want to waste their time", "Children who want to play Super Mario, Snake, or Tetris" .

  • this bug has existed for almost two years 😞 😞
    VB-47827 "Windows Desktop shortcut gets wrong name after drag from address field

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    @mizouniihichem You should know now that developers do not have built the game, they never could have got distracted from their "serious" work.

  • Cookies and Kudos to the first who manages to give Vivaldia infinite lives (Trainer++ mode), because it's just too bloody hard for me 😰

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    @Mangold Thanks for reminder. I update the bug tracker entry.

  • @Pesala said in Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65:

    • I fail to see how it was made any easier to exit break mode.
    • What is the point of including a stupid game with the browser? There is no end of games available in websites for those who want to waste their time.

    Hope for their sake it was only ~100KB otherwise it definitely falls under the true definition of bloat (unlike mail etc.)!

    (Or maybe I'm just grumpy because I'm apparently too old to be a gamer nowadays - barely able to get past 30 seconds in the bloody thing! 😠 )

    (Edit for clarity; I'm joking of course - I don't mind the game, assuming it isn't multi-megabytes of bloat... just wish I could play it! 😛 )

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    @pathduck: If you could finish it during the first run, it would be no fun. 🙂

    Part of the fun of the game is the ability to gradually get further in it. There is quite a lot of variation on the way.

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    @npro said in Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65:

    Why so grumpy?

    Why do you assume that I am grumpy? It is just a bad decision that detracts from the Vivaldi brand.

    It does not deserve a place on the Start Page, nor a checkbox in Settings to turn it off. Settings are already cluttered, but there are many other things yet to be added from Chrome Settings.

    It is typical feature creep and bloat.

  • @Pesala said in Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65:

    Why do you assume that I am grumpy?

    Because you write things an old grumpy man that have stopped having fun in his life and rants about others wanting to continue having fun themselves would write, simple as that.
    There are dozens of features (and more to come like M3) in Vivaldi I don't use, I'm not going to tell others they're useless and they shouldn't be using them, or even telling Vivaldi they're bad decisions and to remove them just because I find them useless for me. I just don't use them, that's all.

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    Old Regression on Linux: does not generate a MHTML web archive 😞

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    @iAN-CooG You completely missed the point. I know I don't have to use it, and I know I can easily hide it. New and existing users will wonder why on earth this was added.

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    @mossman The entire game fits into 2.4MB (according to the network tab of the dev tools), The majority of that is the audio file. This is quite small for a full-fledged game, and will likely be compressed further within the installer.

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    I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I do. I have been quite involved with the Porcelain Fortress team and have enjoyed seeing the game evolve. I am very impressed with their work.

    At Vivaldi we spend a lot of time building features that are useful for some. This is because we believe in diversity. If we only focused on what most people want, we would not add most of the features we have added. It is the combination of useful features that most of you like!

  • @jon said in Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65:

    If you could finish it during the first run, it would be no fun.

    Reverse engineering could also be fun 😉

  • I have problems with the tab autoreload, since it was introduced:
    I have 2 windows with some tabs open (tabs at the right side), one is more or less in the background with some news sites which I have set to reload every 30 minutes.
    the visual "counter" decreases but sometimes it "stops" some millimeters before it should end.

    I'm not really able to reproduce it because sometimes (the first time?) the automatic reload works but later one it does not.
    because we germans had a local problem 2 snapshots ago, this bug perhaps is also related to de-only 🤔

    am I the only one with this problem?

  • @Pesala said in Vivaldi 3.4 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2066.64/65:

    why on earth this was added.

    For fun and to be a little more modern than the default built-in dino game.
    vivaldi://dino was already present (and still is) and nobody bats an eye. Now a better looking and quite more interesting game is now here... GOD FORBIDS!111!1
    Come on. Vivaldi could get some more attention from young generations, and I hope it does. Sure I'd like some more bugfixes added than "wasting time" like this, but this wasn't developed by Vivaldi internally, they just integrated a 3rd party game, as already said.

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    @pathduck: Indeed, it can be. For me progressing in the game has been a lot of fun. The feel of mastering another impossible task. 🙂

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    @Ruarí @jon I hope next time we get a space ✨ 🚀 👩🚀 adventure or something with dragonz 🔥 🐲

  • @Gwen-Dragon @jon @Ruarí I'd like a pinball of some sort please!!! "Pinball is love, pinball is life" 😁

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