vivaldi速度太慢,Proxy SwitchyOmega基本无法使用

  • 隔了差不多一年,看到vivaldi添加了账号同步,于是回来用用看,发现打开网页的速度还是慢的跟蜗牛一样,跟chrome没得比,Proxy SwitchyOmega装上还用不了,爬墙的速度跟chrome/brave不是一个数量级的,想想还是算了弃用。但是我发现android版本的还行,屏蔽广告还不错。

  • Banned

    I dont speak chinese.. so sorry. But I found this

    Hope it helps... 😉

  • Thank you! I know that,but IE proxy is not easy to use. Also I uninstalled IE,so win10 proxy left,the same result. I need to divert domestic and foreign traffic in China,Proxy SwitchyOmega is easy to do this.

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