Is it necessary to stop updating the app on old phones?

  • Poto, [10/10/20, 8:39 PM]
    If my phone is very old, about 4 years, and I don’t plan to change to a new phone within 4 years, do I need to stop updating the app?

    Poto, [10/10/20, 8:39 PM]
    Because App update is based on new hardware, it may be a bit difficult to run new App on old hardware

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    @poto It is usually a good idea to keep apps up to date as the updates can contain security fixes.

  • I have a Samsung S4 (ca. 2013) and no plans to upgrade until it stops working. I have noticed some apps are no longer supported on the device, but it's very rare.

    Not supporting old devices would be bad for business, considering the vast numbers of people still using old devices around the world. It's only us in the "1st world" that have been brainwashed by the corporate advertisement machine into thinking we need to replace mobiles once a year, to keep the consumerist economy rolling along.

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    I have an old Sony Experia (don´t know how long? Many Years.). But it does what it should do.
    My Provider would give me a new one if I extend my contract. But then I have to transfer all the data (Numbers, addresses, photos, etc.) to the new "thing". So I keep it until it says "good by".

    Btw: Battery is fine. Still ~ 2-3 Days.

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    I suggest you to prepare it for the future.

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    It's only us in the "1st world" that [...] replace mobiles once a year

    I don't think this is the case. I have seen many articles that have claimed phone sales are dropping as more and more people in the UK hold on to their phones for longer.

    One of the only things that I imagine is causing people to get a new phone every year is mobile contracts: you just get the latest flagship model (choice of samsung or apple usually) after trading in last years model. That's quite good from a recycling perspective as it lets the contractor refurbish and resell the old device, and the paying customer gets the latest gadget without having to pay the full price.

    Even in a 1st world country, I can't imagine all that many people are buying brand new devices every year. It just doesn't make economic sense to me.

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    @Zalex108 No Problem. I have a car

    No Problem. I have a car... 😜

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