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    I have poor vision. Some web pages have type on them that appears "gray", or "less intense than black" and is difficult to see. I know I can zoom in, but is there a way to make all type appear black? Other browsers don't have this "gray" appearance. Thank you!

  • There is an accessibility page for Vivaldi but I'm not sure it's working:-

    There is also a 'Filter Intensify' on the < > Page Actions menu down by the Zoom slider along with some more fun Filters. B)

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    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, the filter thing near the zoom doesn't have anything of help (and is BY PAGE, not universal). As far as the Vivaldi Accessibility, I couldn't understand that if I lived to be 100. Thank you for trying!

  • Please understand that Vivaldi is still very early in its life, and even the latest version is still a Beta. Additional options will come, and accessibility-related ones will likely be among them. But the focus right now remains on just getting the browser to work in a stable way in all its current functionality and to add new functions as they get designed. These are basic fit/function days; polish, detail, and refinement will come with time.

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