{Article} Privacy Badger Is Changing to Protect You Better

  • @barbudo2005 Those stats don't really mean much to me. There's no comparison, nor any history of sites visited. But, I still appreciate the heads up, and when I've got the time will investigate the tool, possibly replacing Decentraleyes with it.

    A neighbor just had her home robbed today. As I was explaining to others, it's good practice to revisit your threat model at least annually, and reevaluate the mitigations you've put in place. I'll be auditing or home security this weekend, and fixing any issues in the coming week. Poor woman, we've opened our home to her, even in this current pandemic. She knows that should she feel the need, she can immediately come to us for safety. It's not about the value of the material things they stole, though that sucks horribly. It's the theft of the feeling of being safe in your own home that is most violating. F... I'm about to tear up again. I've experienced this, and the material loss was minimal, nothing compared to hers, still it affected my life deeply.

    Almost none of us really care about nation-state actors, the threat they present is extremely small in comparison to others. And the cost of mitigating against those threats is far too great to implement. It's the personal safety that is top priority, followed closely by personal data, with material possessions having high priority but incomparable to personal safety.

    So, just because of today's events, I'd like to remind folks while they're thinking about their browser security to also sirens at least as much time on home security. Outside door jamb reinforcements, bump proof locks, security cameras and 24/7 monitoring on their alarms. And know a neighbor or two at least, someone you can run to in times of crisis.

    Stay safe everyone. One love.

  • @BoneTone said in {Article} Privacy Badger Is Changing to Protect You Better:

    them being dated the moment they're released stands, which is what I think you were getting at

    Yes, indeed that was/is my point. My use of the word "obsolescence" possibly caused unintended misdirection, rather maybe i should have said "out-of-date / superseded", ie, no matter how wonderfully well a given list might have been curated at t=0, once it is released it is "frozen" until its next revision, but in all the time elapsing in-between, that toxic swamp that is the current web rolls on fast, & the profit-driven bad-actors definitely don't stand still.

    If i were to give a Linux metaphor, IMO lists are the fixed-release distros whilst uMatrix [& to a lesser extent uBO, but damn few others afaik] are the rolling-distros... automatically up to date by design [more or less; the metaphor is certainly imperfect]. By a time just before the next fixed-release ISO drops [= the next list update], the staleness of the packages is maximised.

    In no way do i criticise the list-component of uBO & uM, but i merely emphasise that if ALL these two defences had was lists, & thus if we did not have such fabbo user-amenable dynamic filtering rules, then they'd be no better than all the rest of the inferior defences. It is specifically the availability of this dynamic filtering that makes we users of these tools so attracted to them. Thank goodness for Gorhill.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I use DNS blocking with DNSCrypt and in the browser I still use ContentBlockHelper.

    I like the granular breakdown of the page contents and the various domains it connects to.
    It is an arbitrary stuff blocker so you can block what you want from where you want, including filetypes.
    Can be used with or without blocklists you enable or add, and has a few other handy features.

    It isn't as user-friendly as most and no statistics, but those that can write regex expressions will get the most value, and out of the box it works well as a regular ad-blocker.
    It is worth changing the defaults, for example limiting what sort of jscript activity is allowed, and if you limit cross-domain video content.

    (BTW. This is the security forum not the privacy sub-forum)

  • @Dr-Flay I've never used ContentBlockHelper, it sounds a little similar to uMatrix, and I prefer to use extensions for which the source is easily accessible. I can't even figure out if CBH is open source, but I don't read Chinese.

    @Dr-Flay said in {Article} Privacy Badger Is Changing to Protect You Better:

    (BTW. This is the security forum not the privacy sub-forum)

    It's the "Security & Privacy" category. The subforum hasn't been used for the better part of a year.

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