{Article} Now you can enforce your privacy rights with a single browser tick.

  • https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/10/coming-to-a-browser-near-you-a-new-way-to-keep-sites-from-selling-your-data/

    From the ashes of Do Not Track rises a new Global Privacy Control.
    Now you can enforce your privacy rights with a single browser tick
    Anyone who remembers Do Not Track—the initiative that was supposed to allow browser users to reclaim their privacy on the Web—knows it was a failure. Not only did websites ignore it, using it arguably made people less private because it made them stick out. Now, privacy advocates are back with a new specification, and this time they’ve brought the lawyers.
    Under the hood, the specification, known as Global Privacy Control, works pretty much the same way Do Not Track did. A small HTTP header informs sites that a visitor doesn’t want their data sold. The big difference this time is the enactment of the Consumer Privacy Act in California and, possibly, the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, both of which give consumers broad rights over how their private information can be used.

    Yeah, well...

    1. I'll believe it when i see it... & i don't expect to see it.

    2. Given the fundamental immorality of the advertising industry, & malevolent other actors, anyone willing to trust their privacy & digital-health to a presumption of benevolent actions by unseen others with a huge personal-profit vested-interest incentive to monetise you, rather than proactively protect themselves by using, eg, uM or at least uBO, is probably just gonna end up disillusioned.

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