Couple suggestion that might improve the software.

  • Hello, i hope you guys are doing just great! I have using the Vivaldi browser now for couple hours, its very similar to chrome but has it's own features that i really enjoy. I enjoy that options despite not much but you can really tweaks things around how you want from what there is. I really like that inspect element is like in chrome since I'm developer and this function is used by me every single day. Another good thing that i especially like that there is side panel, when some people could find this little annoying and hide it i find it really useful especially that you can add web panel and share your browser into 2 screens. However i have some suggestions. 1. Please make option turn off/on "prefetch resources to load pages more quickly" that it's in chrome i would like to turn off this functions since with my hardware this function is not compatible and actually slows down the browser by a lot, i know that this function by default is on since when this function is on on chrome basically all the time HDD ( in this case SSD ) is at 100% load I'm using win 10. 2. Add an option to auto complete sentences ( I'm not sure if this option is available when you are using Bing or other search engine as default but with Google it's really nice function to have when you are writing something in blank address line like chrome has. 3. And final but definitely not the least I'm pretty sure that websites for me opens slower than in chrome i have hight speed internet connection 1 Gbps not my ISP not sure if it's true wasn't able to test properly but you guys know better than me is it? I'm not sure if so please maybe try replicate operas super pre-load function or how it's called i don't even remember or do other tweaks towards this issue since internet pages opening is main browser option. Delay if it exist which i think it does is not big noticeable but when you use it constantly those couple milliseconds sums up together and it starts feeling some discomfort overall so yeah. Other than that i wish you look with this product. Peace.

  • Not quite sure I understand how you differentiate between 1) and 3)?

    However, prefetch options are in settings, use the url


    [Note: type "chrome" and not "vivaldi" - this will be changed by vivaldi when you hit enter]


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