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  • In google maps when i click on the circle to find my location, it doesn't display the correct postion (about 10 km to far in the south-west). In chrome it also zooms in, which doesn't in the beta of vivaldi...

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    Do you have a PC with GPS?
    Otherwise the Location button in GMaps only show the location of the dialin/login server of your Internet provider.

  • i compared it with chrome and it doesn't zoom in either… instead it zooms out...

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    You are talkin about Vivaldi 1.0.303.x? Beta is old.

    Try current snapshot 1.0.334.x from

  • I've been having the same problem with Google Maps in my Vivaldi version 1.15.1147.64. When I click on the location circle, maps puts me at a house I've never been to, 60+ miles NE of where I'm located. This doesn't happen in the Chrome, Edge or IE browsers. I've found the solution to be the following:

    1. Go to the upper right corner of maps, select your profile and logout of gmail.
    2. Log in with the gmail account assigned to your phone.
    3. Close Vivaldi, re-open it & maps and select the location ball again.

    It will show your proper location for a while but eventually you will need to repeat these steps. Apparently the other browsers log in to Google when Maps is loaded but Vivaldi doesn't. Should this be reported as a bug or is there some setting in Vivaldi which I've missed?

  • @topcat7736
    This may sound strange but what happens when you install firefox for test purposes and try to locate your position via google maps?

  • It's worth noting that Vivaldi keeps a lot of Google specific things out of the browser.

    There's a blog post, I'll try and find it, which explains this in detail and as I recall the location services are one such feature.

    EDIT this is the blog post

    Vivaldi uses Mozilla location services to improve privacy. This could result in different locations being generated

  • @zaibon said in Google Maps Location:

    This may sound strange but what happens when you install firefox for test purposes and try to locate your position via google maps?

    I installed the awful firefox browser on both my phone and desktop.
    I thought Vivaldi had begun functioning but after a while it timed out and put me 60+ miles further away. So whether FF is on my phone or desktop makes no difference. FF, IE, Edge and Chrome all find me but Vivaldi doesn't. Looks like I'll just need to re-login to my Gmail account on the computers whenever I want to use Google maps with Vivaldi.

  • Since installing FF, Vivaldi, no matter what I do, shows me at the 60+ mile away house when running any mapping program, ie. Google Maps, Mapquest, etc. So, it would be best to use a browser other than Vivaldi when doing map related functions.

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