Searching with DuckDuckGo in the url bar takes me to (It does not search)

  • Yeah, so when I set DuckDuckGo as my standard searcher and search in the url bar, it takes me to the homepage of DuckDuckGo, meaning that i have to type what i want to search for again, which is time-consuming. So I am wondering if this is a bug or what not? Please let me now, Thanks for your answer! - Victor / Vicco :)

  • Try deleting the search engine and adding it back again.

    I previously deleted it, so I went to the DuckDuckGo homepage and added the search engine as my default.

    I selected some text in your post and searched for it. This is the result that I got: am wondering if this is a bug

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    Rather than deleting and adding manually you can try restoring your search engines. Doing so will delete all your engines and re-add the defaults.

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