{Article} Flatpak - a security nightmare - 2 years later.

  • I remain utterly disinterested in ever using Snaps OR Flatpaks... latest on the latter:

    Higher disk & memory footprints, do not respect desktop theming, slow, not necessarily keeping up with updates, proprietary corporate store wrt the former, real security hazards with the latter & probably the former...

    I feel sorry for users of frozen LTS fixed-release distros whose app packages are routinely superseded early into their 3 / 5 year period, or whose repos are small, such that the combined effect is that some of these users swallow the Snap / Flatpak propaganda & think these are their solution.

    Use a roller.

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    @Steffie Thanks for the hint to the article. Snaps, not being standard repos were always something i was looking at with argus eyes and some concern. Snaps reminded me to Web Stores with browser extensions badly tested for security.

    Flatpaks/Snaps are only on my testing Linuxes when the regular distro does not have a backported up-to-date version of a program.

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