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  • It would be nice if mazimize and close worked more like in Opera and most other Mac apps. In Opera (and most other Mac applications) the windows gets maximized if you double click the top and full screen if you click on the green full screen button. In Vivaldi both have the full screen effect. In Opera (and most other Mac applications) the red close button closes the windows, but not the application.

  • I don't know whether Vivaldi has a configuration which enables you to maximize the window by double-clicking the top, but you can do that by clicking the green button with ⌥ (option) key pressed down.

    This is how Vivaldi looks when you press the option key.


  • Thanks! Good to hear that it's at least possible to maximize, but doubleclicking is easier. Hopefully someone will consider changing the functionality of the close button.

  • Moderator

    Both issues are known and they are keeping an eye on them

  • Both issues seem to be fixed in beta 2! :woohoo:

  • Some more observations…


    • Closing the last tab keeps the window open, but clicking the red Close button closes the window. This is inconsistent and confusing.
    • Closing the window, and then opening a new one does not remember the size and position.
    • Dock icon > New Window does not seem to work.
    • Opening new windows is very, very slow (likely just beta side-effect?)
    • When the Preferences window is open, it does not seem to have focus. The File menu, for example, does not operate on it. Cmd-W does not close the Preferences window, and commands like Print remain active.

  • And regarding closed windows, it seems that after a while of Vivaldi running in the background, it no longer wants to open new browser windows. Every method tried results in no window appearing. Need to quit the app and re-open for that to be fixed. Known issue?


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