Resize tabs tiles

  • I really like the ability to have splits view in tabs. Is it possible to resize the splits manually? I use this feature with Coda editor when designing websites. I open the same page in multiple panes to see how the design behave at different screen width. But the Chrome dev tools are much better so i always end up with too many apps opened :) At the moment, Vivaldi seems to only split the screen equally. Is there an option or should that be a feature request? Cheers

  • Moderator

    It's not possible, but has already been requested several times.

  • @zapatoche

    Often, I need to keep my eyes on two sites at the same time with different widths. With fixed tiles, one of them stay narrow and the other, excessively wide.

  • Moderator

    @gutenbar If you enable "Use Tab Zoom" in Settings, Webpages, then you can zoom each tile to a different value.

    Many of us are waiting for the option to resize tiles.

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