Bugs and feature wishes: broken tabs, double icon, bookmark folders, customization

  • I like Vivaldi so far and switched to use it as main browser. However, I have some bugs and feature wishes I'd like to address: For reference: I use Windows 10 64 bit on two different, rather recent computers. [b]Broken tabs:[/b] t happens quite often to me that tabs in the background brake (see attachement). Instead of the content a black area is shown after switching to the tab, which is not even refreshable. You have to copy the URL to a new tab [b]Double Vivaldi logo on task bar[/b]: Vivaldi is fixed on my task bar, but after opening it, a second icon is created [b]Tabs in a new windows[/b]: as mentioned by others, it would be great if you could draw tabs outside the active window in order to create a new one. [b]Bookmark folders while saving[/b]: I use a bookmark structure with some layers of subfolders. When I want to add a new bookmark, all (sub)folders are listed one by one. Could you introduce some sort of formatting representing the structure? For example indented elements of a folder (e.g. 1 space for subfolders, 2 spaces for subsubfolders etc) or expandable/collapsable bookmark folders? [b]Customization of mouse gestures[/b] would be great if you would allow to change mouse gestures [b]Backspace as shortcuts[/b] could you include a way to add a backspace as shortcut, e.g. to go back to the previous site? [b]Zoom factor for content[/b] Is there a way to save a zoom factor? After I adjust the zoom factor of a page, it gets resetted everytime I open a new tab Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/41405/TabBug.png[/img]


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