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  • When I click on a link, I pretty much always want the link to open in a new tab AND I want that tab to receive the focus. On all my other browsers, the way I do this is to click the link with the middle button on the mouse. But in Vivaldi, while it does open in a new tab, that tab remains in the background. So I have to either take an extra step to click on the new tab or I have to right click and select the option to open in a tab that received the focus. Either way, it is an extra step and I need to do this a lot.

    Couldn't find a setting to do what I want. So am I missing something? Or is there an addon that will let me do this the way I prefer?

  • @da1bigkahuna said in Put focus on new tab:

    I do this is to click the link with the middle button on the mouse.

    That is the way to "open in new tab in background"!!
    To "open in new tab in foreground" usually just left-click the link (or create a mouse gesture for "New Tab" to perform this).

  • I have no idea how I set up my other browsers years ago - could be I used something to change how they worked many years ago.

    But in Vivaldi, if I left click, it usually opens up in the same tab. Sometimes I want that too. The one thing I pretty much never want is to open up a clicked link in a background tab!

    The gestures aren't ideal for me, but it seems like it might be better than the two step using right click unless there is some other solution (in Vivaldi or is there an extension that would do it?).


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    @da1bigkahuna Try Shift+Click.

  • @Pesala That won't solve my problem. There are many times I'm simply using my mouse to follow links and my keyboard is not being used at all.

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    @da1bigkahuna Then mouse gestures are best. These are what I use:

    • GestureDown = Open Link in Background Tab (Over a Link)
    • GestureUp, GestureRight = Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link)

  • @Pesala I'm using gestures for the time being, but considering every other browser I use always uses middle click, it is kind of annoying and less natural.

    I thought maybe I could use my "steermouse" item in system preferences - right now it has the middle button set to "middle click". My idea was to see if I could alter that in a way that would solve this issue on Vivaldi, but not cause a problem on other browsers or elsewhere.

    Well, shift-click (or shift middle click) both throw the tab link into Apple's "Reader" part of safari. So that won't work.

    It just seem so odd that there are so many options for tabs, but not this one. I have to assume most people prefer the clicked tabs to stay in the background, but darn if I can understand why that would usually be a better option! I only know one guy who said he would open a series of links from some other site and then go to those tabs one after another.

    Okay, but for me, I see a link and I usually want to read it in the context of where it was in the article I'm reading, so I want it to get the focus. When done, I close it and I'm right back at the original article, reading until I get the next link.

  • @da1bigkahuna Gestures are my preferred option - I even install extensions in other browsers to perform the same actions when needed, so I can use "muscle memory".

  • @TbGbe Are there any extensions for Vivaldi that would let me do it my preferred way? I'm completely unfamiliar with Chrome based browsers.

  • Well, I did come up with another option. Not ideal as I'll explain.

    My basic idea was to use my steermouse app to create a chord (never did that before). I first tried to make it so if I pressed both left and right mouse buttons, it would send a shift-click, which does open a new tab when you click a link and give it the focus.

    But that screwed up the gestures in Vivaldi - apparently when pressing the right mouse key to do a gesture, steermouse would be waiting to see if there was going to be another part of the chord - so the gesture would work.

    So I removed that chord and made a new one that used the left click and the "Zoom" key on my Logitech Performance MX mouse (has a good number of buttons). I had the "Zoom" key reprogrammed already to be a "close tab" command.

    Using it as part of the chord when clicking a link doesn't seem to interfere with gestures. But it is a bit more awkward as part of a chord since I'm pushing the left click down, but the zoom key is pushed from the side. However, I can push one and, while holding it, then push the other. Just have to experiment and see how well I adjust to it compared to gestures.

    Would have been nicer if I could just add "shift" to the middle click, but as previously mentioned, that screws up using it with Safari.

  • Found two more solutions!

    One was an extension. It worked fine but had two issues - which wouldn't affect me, but might matter to others.

    First, it doesn't work in a private window.

    Second, while the middle click would open in a new tab and get the focus, there was no way I could find to do a background tab - not even by right clicking and selecting that option. It still moved the focus.

    But what might be my best solution, assuming I don't find any issues later. I had forgotten that SteerMouse lets you set up different rules for different apps. I had never done it before.

    So I set one up for Vivaldi and only changed one thing: The Middle click is now a Shift-Middle click. That works everywhere I've tried in Vivaldi but when not in Vivaldi, it seems to switch back to the default set so Safari works fine too.

    And now that I've gotten into this, I need to start thinking about other apps. Are there things in those apps I don't really need some of my present buttons for so maybe I can reprogram them to do something special for that particular app.

  • My solution using SteerMouse has been pretty good. Only one issue I've come up with and that has to do with opening a link from the Bookmark list. If I double click (left click), it will open in a new tab and get the focus. But if I want to follow that up later with another bookmark, I don't see any way to open it in the existing tab. So I have to keep closing tabs I'm finished with rather than reusing the same tab in situations where that would be better.

  • @da1bigkahuna said in Put focus on new tab:

    When I click on a link, I pretty much always want the link to open in a new tab AND I want that tab to receive the focus.

    I agree 100% with this lack of a feature in Vivaldi. Safari has a check box in Settings, under tab handling: When a new tab or window opens, make it active. And Safari also has the option to Command-click a link or bookmark to get it to open in a new tab. Vivaldi does this too, but the new tab is not active, so we're forced to right click and choose that option from a drop down menu (two steps instead of one).
    In Safari, a simple left click opens the link or bookmark in the current tab. A right click has approximately the same drop down menu as Vivaldi, with the top choice being Open Link in New Tab.
    Otherwise, Vivaldi is wonderful. It works with some sites that Safari does not, and I would drop Safari and go exclusively with Vivaldi if it only had that one option to make a new tab active when it is opened via Command-click. It makes for much smoother surfing.

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    @HenryAZ said in Put focus on new tab:

    so we're forced to right click and choose that option from a drop down menu (two steps instead of one).

    Use Shift+Click, or assign a mouse gesture to Open Link in New Tab (Over a Link).

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