Right-click on address bar won't paste

  • Just got Vivaldi so there are many things I may just not be finding, but I'm having a problem with pasting to the address bar, using the mouse.

    If the address bar is completely blank, I right click on it, but it doesn't give me the option to paste. I can paste with the keyboard using the keyboard paste command.

    However, if there is something in the address bar, then I can right click and have the option to paste.

    This is important because sometimes I simply don't use my keyboard. I need to be able to paste just using the mouse.

  • @TbGbe said in Right-click on address bar won't paste:


    Thanks a lot. Hope they get it fixed. Meanwhile, your link solved another mystery about this because I knew that one time I could paste. On your link, someone said to make sure address field doesn't have the focus and, sure enough, that worked. Not ideal, but sure is better than typing a character in it and then doing the paste!

  • You can also paste by using Cmd-v. That is the way I usually do pasting.

  • Yes, but my needs are for when I'm not even using the keyboard - just the mouse. Though I prefer to use the mouse even if the keyboard is on my lap. Just established habits.

  • @da1bigkahuna said in Right-click on address bar won't paste:

    but my needs are for when I'm not even using the keyboard - just the mouse.

    I second.

    I operate in two modes. When I type (as now), I try to avoid the mouse as much as possible. When I'm off the keyboard, as when I brows the Net, I try to avoid the keyboard as much as possible.

    In any case, everything that can be done must be doable via mouse, except, perhaps, for typing. Think about

    • disabled people;
    • people who have to use multiple operating systems with different shortcuts;
    • people who have to use different keyboards;
    • people with small hands.

    In addition, ⌘+V is hard to press. The thumb of your left hand has to be twisted leftward and the index finger has to be extended rightward above the thumb. I hate this position. When both my hands are on the keyboard, I'd press the ⌘ key with my right thumb while pressing the "V" key with my left index finger, but when my right hand is on the mouse (actually I use the track pad), I need to do the shortcut with my
    left hand alone.

    Another issue is that the command line (bash, etc.) and emacs the text editor use totally a different set of shortcuts. Paste is Cntrl+y there, for example. This set of shortcuts works cross-platform.

    These are the reasons that I haven't gotten used to ⌘+V or ⌘+C even after switching to Mac frrom Linux six years ago.

    In summary, shortcuts shouldn't be the ultimate solutions for GUI programs like Vivaldi. They are just additional conveniences.

  • @ryofurue All good points.

    I'm fortunate in one way because I can avoid the awkwardness of Command-V because I was lucky to be chosen as a tester for the TextBlade from WayTools. Been testing for 4.5 years so, while they haven't managed to do general release yet (and no idea if they will), I've gotten my money's worth even if they don't. But I'll be unhappy if they don't because I sure don't want to go back to a regular keyboard. The editing capabilities alone are brilliant.

    To take your example of command-V, I would just hold down the M/comma combo (which gives "Command" and then press V. You can also get Command with the V/C combo, or you can hold the left corner of the space bar.

    At some point I probably should look at what options there are for regular keyboards to be programmed in a similar way.

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