No forward slash in URL autocomplete?

  • Vivaldi URL bar autocomplete doesn't put the '/' at the end of an URL like firefox and opera do. This is very important for the way i like to use my browser, here is an example: [u][b]Firefox:[/b][/u] [i]I type 'r'[/i] [quote][b]r[/b] autocompletes into [b][/b][/quote] [i]I press 'right arrow' and type 'r'[/i] [quote][b][/b] autocompletes into [b][/b][/quote] [i]I press 'right arrow' and from here on, i can easily chose any subreddit i frequently visit, simply by typing the first letter/s[/i] [quote][b][/b] autocompletes into [b][/b] [/quote] [u][b]Vivaldi:[/b][/u] [i]I type 'r'[/i] [quote][b]r[/b] autocompletes into [b][/b][/quote] --> stuck right there; easier to find it in the bookmarks/history list and click it than to type '/r'.

  • and another problem. in address bar i dont need the "main page" of the site. for example i never visit '' and always type '' but after few times, vivaldi starts to autocomplete again like that: ''.
    maybe its possible to delete '' from suggestions somehow? and leave only '' for example.


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