Check for updates give no response

  • When I click on Vivaldi > Check for updates I get no reply whatsoever

    Any thoughts?

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    @BartinVA The feedback popup is appearing "behind" Vivaldi and is accessible at the system task bar, or you have some kind of pop-up blocker blocking it? I have never seen a failure to generate a check for update response, so it's hard for me to imagine what could cause this.

  • I do indeed have had a blocker for some years, but this is something new.
    I use unblock origin - am I the only Vivaldi user of this program?

  • I have a bar with the time and date, a URL entry bar and my bookmarks bar. Which is a system task bar?

  • This is weird. Earlier today I checked my version and it was 3.2.1947. something ( I could be a little off on the third number).
    Now it shows 3.3.2022 and I swear I did not knowingly update ( I can't!)
    Also, it hit me that for some time I have not been receiving the periodic prompts telling me that a new version is ready.
    I still am getting no reply from a check for updates, but at least you should know how long this has been going on based on that 3.2 build.

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    @BartinVA Do you have "notify about updates" checked in Settings/General/Updates?

  • In preferences, Download and automatically install updates is checked, which must explain all this. One of the recent updates must have done that, but I should have looked at that setting before coming here. Thanks for pointing that out!

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