Video playback bug on Big Sur?

  • I updated mac to Big Sur beta 8 from 10.15.17.
    Vivaldi (lastest stable and snapshot) crashs frequently since then. Edge (86.0.615.3 dev) is totally fine.
    For example. Open
    when the video on the top left start to load, the page become blank and blinks with tab bar vanish for a very short while.
    Then the page loaded complete, with the video failed to play.
    If you were playing video in another vivaldi browser window, it would stop for a while and the page and tab bar become blank at the same while.
    Then if you open an online video (like, it problely stop playing, with Error Code:
    [Dash] mediasource-MEDIA-ERR-DECODE (PIPELINE-ERROR-DECODE: VTDecompressionSessionCreate()))

  • Moderator

    @bhanzc Thanks for the report. FYI, there are some known issues on Big Sur regarding video playback on some sites. A similar problem has also been reported here.

    Could you please file a bug report for this? Please make it very clear that you are reporting a problem with Vivaldi on a pre-release beta version of macOS. Please also include the contents of vivaldi://media-internals so that the developers can know which media decoders had been selected when you were playing video on the problematic site.


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