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  • Hello, Recently i became sick tired of awful customization of other modern web browsers and i tried Vivaldi. I must say I'm very impressed. I instantly moved onto it after installing beta and [b]I really appreciate the amount of work put into making this web browser.[/b] I have only few minor thoughts/suggestions for features I see missing: -Ability to chose order of Bookmark, Address and Tabs Bars. (For example when having them all on top i would like to have old school order of Bars: Address, Bookmarks then Tabs instead of Tabs, Address then Bookmarks). -Right clicking back or forward buttons could bring little tab history, both FF and C have it. -Middle clicking home icon could have same effect as clicking [+] (creating new tab) but with home website. Anyway Good Work! Best regards.

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    1. Right now you can with some CSS hackery

    2. Click 'n' Hold (default for many software)

  • Thanks, definitely gonna check it out.


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