Drag tab out to create new window?

  • The only thing I miss from my previous browser (chrome) right now is something maybe people don't really use I'm not sure but the ability to grab an open tab and drag it out of the browser window to create a new window with that tab. I tend to do a lot of multitasking on dual monitors and its a nice time saver to be able to to just drag a specific tab over to my other monitor. For example when I'm comparing things in two different tabs instead of switching between tabs back and forth I could just grab one of the tabs and put it on my other monitor. Does anyone know if this is something that is planned and they just have not had time to implement it yet? Besides that little feature though I am loving the browser. I didn't know about it until I read an article about it recently in one of my techy RSS feeds I am subscribed to and I'm really glad that I found Vivaldi. Its really great even now so I can't wait for when its "released" Thanks

  • I support this. Since I can't drag a tab out into a new window I've got to CTRL+N, copy the tab URL and paste the tab URL back into the new window after closing the old tab.

    Apart from just dragging a tab out, it'd be great to have a keybinding as well as an option in the right-click context menu for exporting a tab into a new window. Possibly keybindings for re-open closed tab in new window as well.

  • First of all, thanks Vivaldi team from giving us this wonderful browser. As your "history" page say, it's an attempt to bring back the original concept behind Opera, and I would said it's succeeding so far. I still miss the original opera, years after switching to alternative browsers due to the direction opera has recently taken. The feature I missed most and made me drop opera is page thumbnails on the tabs. People don't know how useful this is because they usually haven't even try it, or give themselves time to get accustomed to it. Compared to read a page title to find the tab you're looking for, just looking at the thumbnail is faster and easier on the brain. I don't get tires so easy with it, as I do with regular text tabs. I'm attaching an example of what I meant by tab thumbnails.
    Vivaldi already brought that back, so it's my new default browser at home and work. Now the feature I miss the most is drag tab out to create new window, hence I'm commenting on this post, to add my support for this request.
    Thanks again.
    And if I may share a final though, please don't try to go head to head with mainstream browsers, you will probably fail. Opera was always a niche browser for advanced users that like customization and what used to be the fastest rendering off all browsers.

  • finally done in snapshoot version 1.5. Not sure about stable v1.4


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