Ad blocker won't be disabled

  • Hi,

    To make things short, I want to turn off the ad-blocker on specific sites like YouTube, but I can't seem to do it. I'm know I'm supposed to do it through the privacy settings, but no matter what I do it doesn't work. I've tried turning off the blocker altogether, whitelisting sites, etc. but all to no avail. When I upgraded to Mint 20 this problem was briefly (mysteriously) resolved but is now back.

    I would really like to continue using Vivaldi because it's got a lot of great features, but I may have to reconsider if this problem can't be fixed. I'm willing to provide any system (non-personal) stats if necessary. I appreciate all the great, hard work from the developers, and I wish you success.

  • @quasarfaze Hi, so the dropdown doesn't work or what do you mean?


    You can also add the domain under Settings > Privacy > Exceptions like this:


    Make sure you add the top level domain, no www or http before it.

    If neither of these work then read through the troubleshooting guide:

  • Hi Pathduck,

    Thanks for your reply. I've unfortunately done both things you've outlined, but Vivaldi seems to just ignore them anyway. I'll take a look at the troubleshooting link (thanks for that) but here are a few screenshots as well for reference.

    No Blocking.png

  • @quasarfaze said in Ad blocker won't be disabled:

    no matter what I do it doesn't work

    Your post confuses me. Pls can you expand on the phrase i have quoted? What site (mis)behaviour are you observing that leads to your conclusion?

  • @Steffie

    My apologies for the confusion, I should have worded it better. What I mean is that ads still won't go through despite my granting permission (as in the previous screenshots). Here's another screenshot of an ad that won't go through on YouTube, though this is assuredly the case for other sites I grant permission to.

    No Ad.png

  • @quasarfaze Oh, ok ... golly! I was imagining that you might have meant that some aspects of the websites' native behaviour was being impeded. It did not occur to me that someone actually wants to see ads themselves. Sorry, i should not have intervened; certainly i only take actions to avoid ads, not welcome them. Hopefully someone else might be able to help you - good luck.

  • @Steffie Thanks a lot, I appreciate the effort anyway! I normally don't like seeing ads but for some platforms like YouTube I understand that that's how people make their money so that's why I tolerate them.

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