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  • Hi, with the old Opera and Firefox (with Tab Mix Plus) i had the ability to control if links and bookmarks are opened in new tabs or not. Is there a way to control that behavior in Vivaldi too? That is in fact the only thing that holds me back using it as my default browser but i always accidently overwrite my opened tabs when i open bookmarks or use the searchbar.

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    No, currently this is fixed as is, it may take a while for the option to come as there are some other big stuff to fix and enhance.

  • That`s bad, after so many years with Opera and now Firefox i doubt that can/want get used to open tabs always manually.

    Thank you though for your post 😉

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    Middle-click on the bookmarks bar or right-click on bookmarks to open them in a new tab.

  • I know all the possibilities but its a problem with old habits.

    A plugin like Tabmix would be enough but there isnt one or i did´nt found it yet.

  • :whistle: Anything new here?

    Is there something planned at all or is this something i hope in vain? :huh:

  • In Chrome, there is a feature where you can just drag a tab vertically and create a new window with that tab, or drag and drop tabs between windows. I used to use Chrome a lot and have become very accustomed to it. Is there any way we could incorporate that into Vivaldi?

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    It's been requested roughly a million times and is pretty sure to turn up sooner or later.

    In the meantime, one can send a tab to another window or make a new window with it, using the "move to" option in the right-click context menu on the tab.


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