Problem signing in to Google

  • Hi there, I wanted to make a switch to Vivaldi, but each time I try to use vivaldi://chrome-signin, I put my user, pass and 2-step code and I get just a blank page, not signing in at all. Can anyone help me here? Am I doing something wrong? EDIT: 1.0.330.3 (Beta) (32-bit) on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits. Thanks!

  • The same problems here with Google Login and also on other login sites as well like 1&1 webmailer login.

    The bug occurs on different Windows PCs(Win7 / 8 / 10) all using the same vivalid version.
    used Vivaldi: 1.0.303.52 (Beta) (32-Bit)

    Login Sites do work on other browsers. I tested IE/edge successfully.

    Edit: The problem at 1&1 webmail login is a bug from 1&1 that occurs only if you are using umlaut characters.
    When I changed that vivaldi works there like it did before.

  • Got the same problem on different websites. On some he just ignores the cookie used for logging in - Vivaldi actually creates one - and on other sites he seems to "forget" about it after some time. Seems weird. Even other blink-based browsers - I tested Iron for this special case - don't show this trait.

    On my PC, it started with the Snapshot 1.0.321.3. The last Beta hadn't shown this behaviour. But maybe my memory plays some tricks on me. The problem persists for several weeks, as of now.

    Too sad, this is a major showstopper for a browser…

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    This may be a bit fraught for the developers to try to replicate, so that they can look at addressing it. This is the first thread I have ever seen about it, and I have no such problem here, with any site at all.

    One wonders what is going on with your install(s) that is not cropping up in general.

  • I think that might be a change on googles login software side that triggered this cause this problem popped up just two weeks ago out of nothing. No change on the used vivaldi browser version or login passwords happened here.
    Maybe a windows update bug?

  • I'm having this issue as well. I just installed the current beta. When using the sign in, if I use backspace to delete something; it will cause the browser to go a page back, and then crash. Once I successfully sign in, it shows me a blank page and nothing else. And nothing downloads.

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    Did you try Latest Snapshot from

  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    Did you try Latest Snapshot from

    Yes, I just tried it. Currently the page just spins, and will crash Vivaldi.

  • I have exactly 🤢 the same problem on my laptop running win 10 Pro. Just a blank page and then nothing.

  • Same issue still occurring for me. Mac w all the latest updates/upgrades.

    Here's a weird situation that poss helps resolve this:

    When going to Google Play it asks for login. When I enter it, it opens a new page that is blank and does not do anything. But the other, original tab has the google play page enabled and I'm able to use it w/o issue.

    That is, until I want to use the 'Mini Player' which then brings up a modal asking for me to sign in to Chrome w google pw. Same thing blank tab/page but this time no mini player.

    This REQUIRES a RESOLUTION or back to Chrome. Not a threat btw, just too inconvenient.

  • Same problem on my laptop running win 10 Enterprise. Just a blank page.

  • Hi, I get blank page too with > vivaldi://chrome-signin
    but when I login from google home page it work fine.
    In my case:
    You cant sync with google anyway, may this is the problem.

    Cheers, mib

  • I have same problem - does anyone solve it? Is that miniplayer an extension or a Chrome app? Maybe it's Chrome app - does the Vivaldi support Chrome apps?

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    @shortik said in Problem signing in to Google:

    does the Vivaldi support Chrome apps

    Vivaldi does not support storing/syncing browser or extension data to Google.

  • @tiagojbsoares

    Vivaldi doesn't support Google Chrome "Browser" sign in.

    Google Sites sign in is a different entity.

    Most apps work in Vivaldi, except if they're using features special to Google Chrome Browser. Other than browser sign in, watch out to apps that use Google Chrome User Interface paradigm.

  • Probably that page shouldn't be reachable in Vivaldi.
    If not kept for compatibility reasons.

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    @mib2berlin said in Problem signing in to Google:


    A request to VB-34478 "Block or remove vivaldi://chrome-signin" is already known.


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