Configurable context menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2049.2

  • Well golly, an unexpected discovery with this Snapshot [specifically, i presume, due to chromium's jump to 86]. It's not a bug, i presume, but rather all part of the design... but i discovered it by accident & now need to deduce a workaround.

    Snapshots prior to this one, & all Stables still [atm], included these important files in their profile directories, eg, Default:

    1. Current Session
    2. Current Tabs
    3. Last Session
    4. Last Tabs

    For the past few years i have been running an automatic external backup pgm of 5' periodicity & 1 day duration [FIFO], backing up #1 and #2 [along with #5 Bookmarks and #6 Notes]. to assure me that in the event of a bad V crash those four [1, 2, 5, 6] important files' data could not be lost. My schema has run reliably all this time & so for yonks i stopped frequently checking up on it. This arvo i did have a look, & to my shock discovered that each 5' backup since the upgrade yesterday to 3.4.2049.2 / Chrome 86.0.4240.38 no longer includes #1 and #2... because those files [also 3 & 4] no longer exist in Default.

    My Zarquon, the lengths these Devs go to in order to pick on the southern hemisphere!

  • @Steffie Ouch. Yes, it's not only down under though.

    But sessions still work, so it must be saved somewhere.
    Edit: They're still saved in Sessions/ but AFAIK that's always been there. Obviously it will now be harder to backup as you'd need to detect on date. Or maybe do the whole folder, but no idea if there are links to other files that would also need to be backed up, like LDB files...

    Also we can no longer tell users to rename their Last Session files to restore their previous session after a crash. Man, Chromium and their random functionality changes 🙄

  • @Pathduck Just noticed your interesting edits, whilst i've been off doing more investigating & fiddling

    Here's something i've noticed. Each profile's Default [etc] now has a tiny text file called [eg for me] /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/CURRENT, & when i inspect this tiny text file it contains only


    That appended number seems to be unique per profile. In the same Default directory now i have also that eponymous file /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/MANIFEST-002435. It seems not to be a text file coz when i inspect it in a text editor the result seems slightly garbled & unintuitive.

    I speculate, without any proof yet, that possibly this file, if backed up, might be the new way to preserve a session's current tabs.

    Nope, just disproved that mad hypothesis. Copied my Default's version of it to Profile 1 & renamed it to suit that directory's existing different unique number, then launched that Test profile. It did NOT contain any of the tabs from Default. Furthermore, Vivaldi then renamed both the affected files in Profile 1, appending a different number.

    Grumble, moan...

  • @Steffie Well, that MANIFEST file is (for me) 794 bytes, so it makes sense that it won't contain the session data.

    Did you try the same procedure with the files in Sessions ?
    Problem is, how does the browser know what file is the current session. I doubt you could just plop the Session_ or Tabs_ file there and it would magically work. But worth a try I guess...

  • @Steffie Losing this last resort option to restore the lost session info after a crash would be a huge bummer. I had to use that several times in the past. Just recently I noticed that if you have

    a) several windows with several tabs open in your profile and then (settings: restore last session)
    b) exit the browser
    c) open a private window for the same profile (-incognito)
    d) close the private window
    e) open the regular profile
    f) all previous sessions are lost

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    @rhk I tried your steps but could never reproduce it. My session of regular windows were not lost.

  • Another thing I just noticed:

    The bookmarks icon used to have the same colour as the theme accent but now it's... well ... TBH it's fugly...

    The culprit:

    .theme-dark.acc-dark .bookmark-animated-fill {
        fill: var(--colorAccentFgFaded);

    It used to use:

    .theme-dark .bookmark-animated-fill {
        fill: var(--colorAccentBgFadedMore);

    Why change stuff that works fine and no-one complains about.. sheesh.

  • @Pathduck It wasn't fine, but this fact hasn’t changed with the recent change. On certain theme configurations both variable colors are almost invisible. The icon outline of an unbookmarked site is the foreground color and that’s what the fill color for a bookmarked item should be too in my opinion. Changed it for myself with a mod months ago.

    .bookmark-animated-fill, .theme-dark .bookmark-animated-fill, .theme-dark.acc-dark .bookmark-animated-fill {fill: var(--colorFg);}

    edit: just added another slice to this piece, it’s puzzling why the devs mess with this so much when the solution is so simple 😕

  • @luetage OK so it was because of VB-64131 fix in this? I know some people use very similar colours for background and accent, but surely the purpose of an "accent colour" is that it should be set to something distinguishable from the background... 🙄

    Oh well... another CSS mod block I guess.

  • @Pathduck Yeah, apparently. I didn’t even read the fixes before… Could be there are more variations to it, gotta test it some more.

  • @Pathduck said in Configurable context menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2049.2:

    but surely the purpose of an "accent colour" is that it should be set to something distinguishable from the background..

    Not if you use the accent foreground color, which is only meant to be visible on the accent itself. That's probably why they switched it to accent background. Anyway, the foreground color is always visible, because the address bar uses a variation of the standard background color, has nothing to do with the accent…

  • @luetage said in Configurable context menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2049.2:

    That's probably why they switched it to accent background.

    No, they switched to accent foreground (colorAccentFgFaded).

    But yeah, annoying it is but I guess I understand the thinking behind the change, for those who insist on having the same background and accent colours, because it looks 'coolio' or whatever...IMO if users do that they can blame themselves if they can't see stuff 😛

    Anyway, quick fix with a custom CSS and it's good again, using the accent background colour.

    EDIT: It's not completely invisible when using the same background and foreground, but not far from it either:

  • @Pathduck Lol, no matter what they switched it to, my point is that no accent color variation should be used in the addressfield at all, because the addressfield’s background color uses a variation of the theme background color. No matter what accent color variation you pick, it could always be barely visible to invisible with the right/wrong combination of accent and background colors in your custom theme. It doesn’t make sense.

  • @Pathduck Good idea. I'm a dummy - i intended to do that before but got distracted by something that lead to another distraction, & i forgot to actually return to this. Shall try it tomorrow.

  • @luetage

    my point is that no accent color variation should be used in the addressfield at all, because the addressfield’s background color uses a variation of the theme background color.

    OK I can see that point. But then they should really have used --colorFgFaded instead of --colorAccentFgFaded. But for most themes I think these will look about the same so shouldn't really make much of a difference 🙂

    Quick fix though:

    /* Bookmark button fill colour */
    .bookmark-animated-fill {
        fill: var(--colorAccentBgFaded) !important;

  • Interesting new bug, can someone confirm?

    1. open vivaldi://flags
    2. move the window
    3. click any of the combo boxes
    4. the options are displayed at the old position

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    Please send bug report to Vivaldi devs.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks, the ID is VB-72296.

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    @potmeklecbohdan Confirmed - i think it is not a severe issue, more a cosmetic one.

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    @Gwen-Dragon I would rate it higher than that. If you move the window to another monitor you may never notice what is going on if you are unaware of this bug.

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