Favicons not displayed for child tabs

  • Since some time I noticed, that Vivaldi is not displaying the favicons in the tabs of child tabs of the same domain, see the screenshot:

    Below the reddit tab there are three other which were opened from that original tab using "open links in a new tab" or simply by clicking on the scroll wheel.

    The same you can see for the page MobilMania (a czech site) and the two articles I opened with the middle click show no favicon.

    Strangely I cannot reproduce this issue on forum.vivaldi.net or on news.ycombinator.com

  • @rarach Yes, I've seen this as well on imdb.com for example.

    It seems some ad-blocker lists are too aggressive in their blocking rules. In my case this was UBlock Origin and the EasyPrivacy list.

    So either disable the adblocker for the domain or create an exception rule. In Reddit's case this would be:

  • Are you sure it was EasyPrivacy as opposed to any non-default filters that you added or something else? I have uBO (defaults + Fanboy Annoyances) and do not see that for IMDB or Reddit.

    However, I am seeing it happen as of 3.3 (also tested 3.4) on at least one other site: nytimes.com. I can't make it happen in any other browser. It did not happen in earlier versions but suddenly started with 3.3, so it was a change related to Vivaldi.

  • @rseiler I don't know if EasyPrivacy is a default in uBO, but disabling the ad-blocker solved it for me on Reddit. On IMDB I added an extra rule like @@||*amazon*.com^$domain=imdb.com

    Each site needs investigation on what to allow for the icons to show. I can see the same thing on NYT, and it's clearly caused by adding EasyPrivacy to the lists when using the built-in blocker. Edit: For NYT I need: @@||nyt.com^$domain=nytimes.com.

    But I also do think Vivaldi has changed something to do with the loading of favicons and the blocker somehow interferes with their loading. But hard to report since it's clearly caused by a 3rd-party list rule.

    EDIT: I reported as VB-72001, might as well see how it goes.

  • @Pathduck I should point out that I have the internal one on "No blocking" since I use uBO. Are you using both?

    EasyPrivacy is a default in uBO.

    The thing is, the same filters in Chrome don't have the issue. The same filters in 3.2 don't have the issue.

    So, trying to reconcile all that with your NYT exception, which works, has me confused. I thought initially you were excepting the whole domain (that would be bad), but clearly not. How did you arrive at nyt.com, which I hadn't heard of before? Via the console in devtools?

  • @rseiler said in Favicons not displayed for child tabs:

    Are you using both?

    Nope, just uBO. But I tested in a clean stable using the built-in blocker and just enabled EasyPrivacy.

    The same filters in 3.2 don't have the issue.

    Yeah, I definitely think this is a bug in Vivaldi 3.3. When I first encountered it for IMDB I thought it was an overly aggressive filter rule but it's not, as the actual rules are very old.

    Via the console in devtools?

    Yes, a bit of educated guesswork as to what requests to allow. It seems to be related to hosting of static resources - but the actual rule that I create an exception for has nothing to do with the actual favicon host. It's a weird bug...

  • Also in ublock:


    I only use UBO.


  • @Pathduck Another clue for you all:

    While I can't reproduce with Reddit or MobilMania, the two sites the OP mentioned (I guess he uses a different filter set), I have found a second major site after Nytimes.com where it happens: espn.com.

  • @rseiler I only use the built-in adblocker, when I disable it completely the issue seems to disappear. What is strange, that when I use UbO I don't see this issue.

  • @rseiler I can reproduce the same issue on ESPN as well, in clean Stable and Snapshot profiles. But not in my standard Snapshot profile for some reason 😕

    But man oh man, those US sports sites are so bloated with all kinds of trackers I'm not going to spend time figuring out what rules to override 🙄

    @barbudo2005 I think the missing icon for extension tabs is a different issue, but it might also be related.

  • Is it reasonable to conclude that it's not which blocker (including, importantly, the built-in one) but purely which filters are in effect?

  • @rseiler Yes, it's definitely caused by enabling the EasyPrivacy list, whether in uBO or the built-in.

    It's even possible to figure out the exact rule that makes them not load. But the weird thing is this rule seems to have no relation to the actual location of the favicon itself.

    It seems the favicon is simply not even requested.

  • @Pathduck

    What about extension's favicons?

    Stylus and UBO


  • @barbudo2005 Might be related, might not be.

    Favicons for extensions have been broken several times in Vivaldi and AFAIK it's been like this for a long time now.

    You'd need to inspect the Vivaldi UI to figure out why they don't show as they are locally loaded resources.

    Not really relevant to this issue in my opinion. Feel free to report it as a separate issue though, it needs to be fixed.

  • It happens for me with builtin adblock and with UbO.
    Do we need more repro cases for already registered bug?
    Really looking to see it fixed, it believe it brakes accent color for themes 😢

  • @Pathduck I think I'm going to have to figure out how to make more exceptions (feel free to post a tutorial), since I doubt this is getting fixed anytime soon. It's still present in today's snapshot (with RCs starting soon due to 86 being out in a week), and it's not even mentioned as a known issue despite being a very recent one (their favorite kind).

    So, once again, it's probably going to be up to us to workaround/live with an issue.

  • @rseiler said in Favicons not displayed for child tabs:

    I think I'm going to have to figure out how to make more exceptions (feel free to post a tutorial), since I doubt this is getting fixed anytime soon.

    How can you be so sure? For all we know it could be fixed in the next snapshot. Or maybe not. I got a reply from the team asking for (more) URLs where it happens so they might be looking at the issue.

    I can't really make a tutorial, as what rules to create exceptions for differs from site to site. The only site I regularly use is IMDB anyway, the rest I don't really care about if they work or not.

  • @Pathduck Not sure, but I've just learned through hard experience to expect fixes much later than sooner, and sometimes never. It's a good way to never be disappointed. Of course, it could already be in the chute. That does happen once in a while.

    It is encouraging that you received a rare response to a bug.

    I was just looking for methodology on how you found nyt.com for nytimes.com for example, since once that's known it should be applicable anywhere.

  • @rseiler said in Favicons not displayed for child tabs:

    I was just looking for methodology on how you found nyt.com for nytimes.com for example, since once that's known it should be applicable anywhere.

    The basic method I used when was the following. Note that this is very much trial and error, there is no true recipe:

    • First test if actually disabling adblocker makes the favicon show again. If not, stop as there is no point doing the rest.
    • Open a tab where favicons fail to load
    • Open Devtools (F12) and reload the page
    • Show only the blocked requests and note down their target domains.
    • Add exclude rules in uBlock for each of these domains in the form I listed above, starting with the most likely ones (i.e. static hosting domains not tracker domains, should be pretty obvious).
    • Repeat until icon shows again.

    For Reddit it was pretty easy to find the rule:
    Thing here is, that Reddit's favicons are actually all hosted on redditstatic.com not the above. So like I said earlier, it makes no sense 😕

    For the other examples you give like Yahoo disabling adblocker doesn't work there, so there's nothing to be done for now. For ESPN I don't get the issue at all, same for TheWeek, favicons load, albeit a bit slow/very late in the load.

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