Add an option to switch sessions with shortcuts

  • Please add an option to Save / Move Between / Open saved sessions with shortcuts.
    I use Sessions to seperate diffrent subjects troughout my workflow and it's quite painful,
    using it the way it is now.

  • Ambassador

    @endlessblink Alt+Tab will switch between Windows.

    Once you open a session it is just a collection of tabs in a window, and will change as you close/open tabs, zoom, scroll, or follow links. Almost immediately it changes, and is no longer the session that you saved to disk.

    The concept of switching between sessions is therefore fundamentally flawed, and not possible. All you can do is close the current window, and open a saved session in a new window.

    It is already possible to rename tab-stacks and there is a feature request: Names for Windows, but they are still just tab stacks or windows, not sessions.

    A Sessions Panel would make it easier to manage sessions.

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