open new private window from start menu

  • open new private window from start menu

    So in the case of using a VPN alongside any kind of google account (youtube?) they keep you logged in and that means they would technically know that you didn't just jump halfway accross the world in 2 sec. and i know some of you will say just log out of google. but i sometimes forget. or just boot up connect to vpn then blam google's got me logged.

    I know you guys aren't gonna want to hear this but this is a feature of your arch rival Opera (gx). Been following you guys since the presto days. Love your work.

    And while i still use vivaldi as my daily driver. When you enable the resource limiter on Opera GX it is pretty dang snappy. But i can't get things just quite right. Plus i like to support you guys. peace

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    @d3adf1sh If I pin vivaldi to my taskbar instead of the start menu, I get an option for a new private window - does that help as a workaround?

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