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  • In former versions I had the possibility to drag at the bottom of the tabs, right between tabs and addressbar, just to see a preview of all tabs that are opened. But I can't do that any longer. So I'd like to ask if there's something in the settings to en/disable this function or if that's just a kind of regression or bug in the version 3.3 itself?

    It doesn't function with tabs at the buttom as well.
    I just tried it on Linux Mint and on MacOS - where it didn't work either.

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    @HealingCross Please check your Settings → Tabs. May be in section "Tab Options" you had accidentally disabled "Show Tab Thumbnails".

  • Yes, that's it. There are options: one showing thumbnails by hovering over the tabs. The other one is right under this option. I only had one of them enabled.
    Thank you very much.

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