Password manager also as standalone application

  • Many people rely on an external password managers because they have the option of saving other things like application passwords, license keys and what not. But many people also use the browsers password manager to save passwords in the browser since extensions tend to be buggy and people don't want to bother to learn. Now imagine that Vivaldi made their own password manager that could both live in the browser by default but also be used as a standalone application to be used in the desktop or on a mobile device? Then, not only would the passwords always consistantly work in the browser but you could even make a Vivaldi password manager extension to work as auto-login on apps on your phone etc. It could even be used as an extension in other browsers for those who use multiple browsers for different purposes. Vivaldis password manager would easily become a major thing. I wish this would happen. Anyone else?

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    @luvis Someone has made a similar request here -

    If it sounds like something you'd want, you could vote for that, or add your suggestion of a dedicated app to the bottom of that thread

  • @LonM Thanks! I've entered my upvote 🙂

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