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  • I know that there is a "close window" shortcut, but what I want is different because of the "keep window open when last tab is closed". Usually, I spam Ctrl + W to close everything and get at the main page for a fresh start. I wanted to assign the same shortcut to "close other tabs" and "close tab", but it's not possible.
    So, if this is useful for other people too, I'd love to see it in the next versions.

  • @MrWombat said in Close all tabs shortcut:

    Usually, I spam Ctrl + W to close everything and get at the main page for a fresh start.

    One option instead is close other tabs, followed by close tab. If you configure your keyboard shortcuts well, this is extremely easy and a separate action wouldn't save much time, though I'm always for more available actions.

    Typically what I do though is create a new tab then close other tabs. Or I have already navigated to the page I want in a tab and I close the others. Or I only want to close the tabs above or below (left or right) of the tab I'm on and I use that action.

    New tab, close other tabs seems to be the best approach, though close others, close tab is probably equivalent. I suppose it depends on what shortcuts & gestures you've assigned to the actions.

  • What BoneTone said,

    • set keyboard shortcut for Close other tabs Ctrl+Shift+W
    • set keyboard shortcut for Close tab Ctrl+W(default)
    • -> Press Ctrl+Shift+W, Ctrl+W

    Make sure

    2020-09-17 02.11.09 vivaldi 12da0ca9b14d.png

    is ticked under Settings->Tabs.

  • @npro for me it's a little different. I don't believe in blindly using default shortcuts, rather I modify everything that makes sense to me to change and make them fit my semantic scheme; my semantic scheme is designed with usability in mind and my keyboard is very different than anyone else's. I modify the firmware of my keyboard, and make use of dual-function keys -- that is they do one thing when tapped and something else when held. Under the home row I have placed all the modifier keys: win, alt, ctrl, shift from outside to in (a, s, d, f & ;, l, k, j respectively). I also have keys that when held do ctrl-shift, ctrl-alt, meh & hyper (meh = ctrl-alt-shift, hyper = meta-ctrl-alt-shift, meta is also called win or command). So it's rare that any keyboard shortcut requires me to hold more than 1 button; I even have some keys assigned to specific shortcuts: cut, copy, paste, select all, switch desktop right/left, etc.

    I'm my semantic scheme, alt means an alternative of the operation without it, and I use ctrl-shift for controlling the panels and tab bar. So ctrl-alt-w is close other tabs, while ctrl-shift-w is toggle the tab bar.

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