Let's try to collect all buggy extensions in one topic, shall we?

  • Hi everyone, My idea is to report any buggy extensions here, so we can help the devs. 🙂 List theм in this way: Extension-Problem I am going to start the list with: Audio EQ - Custom presets won't save DotVPN - Extension pop up blinking thus making it unusable

  • While your intentions are good, I don't think the devs have asked yet for such a list or for reports outside of the Bug Wizard. Their focus is properly on getting the browser itself to function in a fully stable manner and on adding features that they have road-mapped as important. If the extension is a truly popular 'biggie', then the devs may take a glance at an extension-related problem report. But otherwise, it seems like such a list will exist mainly for other users to refer to when considering applying an extension.

    In any case, to be useful, wouldn't such a list need the poster to at least include his Vivaldi version, his OS, the extension's version, and perhaps a few particulars about the user's system (CPU, RAM, etc)? There are so many factors that often go unstated in posts, but which are critical for others to attempt to meaningfully confirm or resolve a software interaction problem.

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    Such noble attempts are doomed to failure.

    This Bug Wizard thread was never intended (as far as I know) as a place to report bugs, but nine pages later that's what it has become.

    I presume that the idea was to tell users where and how to report bugs. Any replies should have been about how to use the bug wizard, not reports of actual bugs. I posted to report a list of bigs that I had reported already and explained how to get such a list, but there's no bug tracker and a long thread of bug reports is almost useless as a way to check if a bug has already been reported.


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