Why Vivaldi usually gets stuck when viewing pages?

  • The page of one tab suddenly gets stuck while viewing without any reason, but other tabs are just fine. Refresh doesn't work in this situation, the only way to wake up is to close the tab and reopen it. The bug has been there may since version 3.0.

  • @2O48
    Hi, I am not at OSX but for other user to help they need:
    Add more information, please.
    OS version, Vivaldi version, system specs, link to page.

    Cheers, mib

  • Also any extensions you have enabled.

  • OS version: Both Catalina and Big Sur exists. I've only used these two versions, so that may be a common issue of more versions.
    Vivaldi version: Since version 3.0, ever each version the issue exists, at least each version I've used.
    System specs: Hackintosh with Intel core i7 9th generation, 16GB memory, Intel Integrated Graphics.
    Links: You know any page could get stuck, such as youtube.com, google.com or something.

  • @Chas4 The extensions of my Google Chrome are the same as Vivaldi and works really well, so that may be the issue of Vivaldi itself.

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    @2O48 You didn't mention which specific extensions that you were using but keep in mind that some Chrome extensions may not run properly on Vivaldi, especially those that interact with Google services. (Vivaldi is either missing the required API keys or the connections to some Google back-end services have been disabled in the Vivaldi code to enhance privacy.) Extensions that are VERY Chrome-specific in other ways can also run into issues on Vivaldi.

    If you have changed any Chromium flags from their defaults, that too can cause weird/unexpected problems with Vivaldi.

  • @2O48 macOS 10.15.6 (Catalina) is the current stable, macOS 11 (Big Sur) is in beta so things may not work right (I am guessing the beta will be over in 4 or so weeks).

    Being a Hackintosh can also be an issue as it might have things Chromium is not expecting or missing in macOS.

    Any example videos on Youtube including the resolution used?
    What on Google gets stuck?

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