[Optional] Export bookmark and bookmark folder thumbnails during export to HTML

  • Hello everyone,

    I wish to propose a new optional feature (that could be turned off by user) for Vivaldi bookmark export into HTML.

    By default, only a small bookmark icon is being exported into the HTML file.

    I wish to propose to add an option that will also export bookmark and bookmark folder thumbnails as well.

    What does the community think about this idea? It could be very useful if a user wishes to export (for example, to make a backup) bookmarks with a lot of folders that have unique thumbnails.

  • @SakuraAyumi Exporting bookmarks to an html file is archaic, every browser supporting this still uses the netscape format for compatibility with all other browsers. Don’t think you can mess with this, the format would have to change, in which case it wouldn’t be compatible anymore.

  • @luetage Of course, it is outdated right now and new ways of export need to be invented.

    Actually, my suggestion was about adding an ability to export bookmark and folder thumbnails (preview images) when exporting them to another Vivaldi profile or another browser.

  • @SakuraAyumi Another browser isn’t possible with another format. All major browser makers would have to agree on a new format, a discussion Vivaldi wouldn’t be a part of. But they would never agree on anything anyway. And if you just want to do it from profile to profile, you can copy the bookmarks file over. In case Vivaldi decided to do something new and specific for moving bookmarks from one profile to another, there is no reason whatsoever to use an html file format for it.

  • @luetage Copying bookmarks does not add thumbnails (unless I copy the whole profile). The idea was to make possible to export bookmarks together with thumbnails.

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