How to renew the bookmark tree (within the panel) between sessions ... ?

  • Hi - love Vivaldi, but I have one minor annoyance with it. For the bookmarks panel, every time I open the browser and open the panel, the bookmark tree looks the same as it did during the previous session. I would like for the bookmarks to look clean and uncluttered every time I open a new browsing session. Is that possible? If not, will Vivaldi's developers include an option to reset the bookmark tree in between sessions? Thank you very much.

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    @Omnimaxus Right-click, Collapse All is currently the only way that I know of.

    Rocker Gestures work in Opera 12.18, which is a bit easier.

    Help on Feature Requests

  • What @Pesala said, use the context menu (either through right-clicking or the menu button on the keyboard when you have the bookmarks in focus) and choose collapse all. This allows you to reset the panel to a clean look at any time, not just when you first start a session. I use it frequently when managing bookmarks.

    The same thing works in the Bookmark Manager that appears in a tab. Having the Bookmarks Manager open in a tab at the same time you have the Bookmarks Panel open is a great way to manage bookmarks. It gives you two distinct views into your bookmarks library; you can have two different parts of the tree structure expanded and in view -- making it easy to compare contents and move items around, just drag & drop from one to the other. (Note: there seems to be a bug where D&D won't work sometimes from the panel to the tab, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what causes this broken state. It comes & goes, so I've gotten in the habit of D&D from the tab to the panel most often.)

  • Thanks to everyone for their responses. I understand what you all said. But I would like for this to be automatic. Why can't the bookmarks tree be reset to a clean state every time a new browsing session is initiated by an user? I understand some people may want to keep things the same in between sessions, which is fine, but why not give others the option to start with a clean slate each time, too?

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    @Omnimaxus Did you follow the link that I provided for Help on Feature Requests?

  • Follow the link @Pesala provided. Vote for the feature request if it exists, otherwise create one. In the meantime, use the existing functionality that provides a clean look, it's not difficult or time-consuming -- it's more work to write the word functionality. Furthermore, you don't have to restart the browser to get it.

  • Hi to everyone. Thanks for the follow-up replies. I have since posted a new topic in the "Feature Requests for Desktop" subforum. Hope it gets upvoted enough, but at the same time, hopefully one of the developers for Vivaldi will see this topic thread and go, "hmm." Ha. One can hope. Again, thanks!

  • @Omnimaxus said in How to renew the bookmark tree (within the panel) between sessions ... ?:

    hopefully one of the developers for Vivaldi will see this topic thread

    The Vivaldi dev team doesn't really have the time to read through the forum and pick up random threads, hence the feature request process. This forum is moderated by volunteers & support comes mostly from regular users like us helping each other out.

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