Weird hardware acceleration (?) related issues since Vivaldi 3.3, mostly triggered by Facebook

  • After Vivaldi updated to version 3.3, I started seeing weird issues when scrolling Facebook. The whole browser window would flash to black, gray, and then come back as if nothing happened. This might happen 3 to 4 times after which it no longer occurs in that browsing session. I also got similar experience once on Youtube.

    A side effect of that is that it appears to disable hardware acceleration. I can clearly notice that scrolling performance is poorer, Google Maps no longer offers accelerated experience (only basic map, no 3D Earth mode available), and so on. The only way to bring Vivaldi to work normally is to restart the browser totally (and refrain from opening the Facebook tab...).

    I haven't seen any other reports on the forums or comments on the blog posts about this, so I am wondering if it is something specific to my setup as I would expect this to get attention quickly otherwise. Is there an archive where I could download and install Vivaldi 3.2 just to confirm that this is indeed a new issue in 3.3 and not something else that might have changed on my system at the same time?

  • @godjonez
    Hi, some user report issues with Twitter but they are not at the latest version of Vivaldi which is Vivaldi 3.3.2022.45 (Stable channel).
    Check for updates in Help menu.
    It is not recommended to downgrade Vivaldi, security and broken profile possible.
    Please make a backup of your profile, path is in Help > About.

    Cheers, mib

  • Thanks. I installed 3.2 as a standalone and managed to reproduce the problem there, so apparently this issue is not something that came with 3.3 update but perhaps a new bug in Nvidia drivers or in Windows 10 (I'm running the latest insider builds).

  • An update on this. Thanks to the download archive page I saw that Vivaldi has 64-bit versions available and apparently I had 32-bit version installed (I guess back in the day when I first installed Vivaldi it only came in 32-bit flavor). The problem is not happening in 64-bit version, it's only triggering in 32-bit build! So this is probably some new bug in the 32-bit compatibility layer of Windows.

  • This has now been narrowed down to NVIDIA graphics driver problem. If I roll back the driver to previous version, the problem goes away.

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