Configurable toolbar - for real

  • No, it is not fully implemented yet.

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    @zakius Please tell us, what is missing for you?

  • ability to configure toolbar: move elements around the toolbar, not their dedicated regions only, we had this talk many times already yet my earlier request stays closed and marked as done

    the bare minimum is Firefox level while obviously Opera level where you could put any button or bookmark literally anywhere in the interface is the ultimate goal

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    @zakius My recommendation is that you break this down into three feature requests:

    1. Ability to move any toolbar element to any position on any toolbar, including to locations where at present there is no "space" to move an element to.

    2. Ability to add any button to any toolbar.

    3. Ability to add custom buttons to any toolbar, to perform functions not expressed by current Vivaldi buttons.

    The accomplishment of each of these would bring Vivaldi one step closer to what ClassicOpera was able to do. To leave open "customizable toolbars" as a general request risks having the request open essentially forever, and not acknowledge progress toward the goal, such as the "movable buttons" represented.

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    @Ayespy 1 and 2 are covered by Configurable Toolbars.

    There is already a thread for Customisable Buttons.

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    @Pesala That being the case (and the first two should still be split, or this is going to happen again) and this thread should be filed as a "duplicate," as it adds nothing to the energy behind getting toolbars customizable. I'll mention to @LonM because he's pretty much handling Feature Request threads right now.

  • @Ayespy said in Configurable toolbar - for real:

    To leave open "customizable toolbars" as a general request risks having the request open essentially forever

    if it's not done yet, as sad as it is, that's the only right thing to do: admit it's not done

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    @zakius It's not a single request, any more than "infinitely configurable UI" is one. There's no agenda here. Requests have to be manageable bites, and they can be signed off as each one is done. How about "configurable bookmarks bar?" Also a nonsensical request. In stages, the bookmark bar has become capable of showing only icons or only labels or both, of moving bookmarks to and from folders, of changing the order of bookmarks, etc., etc. But at no point has it ever yet become possible to arrange the bookmarks bar vertically on one side or the other of the browser. It's never been possible to auto-hide it. It still can't be placed above the address bar. Well, then, I should be complaining regularly that there is still no "configurable bookmarks bar." Right? No. I put in a feature request to make a vertical bookmarks bar possible and maybe, someday, that will come about. I also do not complain about its absence every day, week or month. The developers know what I want, they know whether any other users want it, and at some point it will make it on the drawing table. The features you want are ALREADY part of open feature requests, so the thing to do is vote for those requests - and stop accusing people of lying (which is only going to make people mad at you, and get nothing done in the meantime.)

  • original request was precise and concise and is not implemented

    if you need to split it into smaller bites in your internal tracker it's fine, if you want to represent it in public it's also fine, but as a whole it's not implemented and should not be marked that way

    it's not hard to understand, I already said that but your current approach confuses people a lot, especially ones comig from chrome who have no idea what they're missing and they keep repeatig "it's already done, what's your problem?"

    no, it's not!

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    @zakius Hi,

    Let me just say that the lack of full customisation (toolbars and all) frustrates me immensely too. But I have seen vivaldi make a lot of progress, and you are right, the original request wasn't fully implemented.

    But as others have pointed out, if you want a place to discuss how you want to customise toolbars, you can do it here:

    Now, just because the original thread was closed does not mean that toolbars are never going to be fully customisable. The developers are aware of this. And in time, it will come. But repeatedly spamming the forum with duplicate requests won't make it come any sooner, if anything it makes it more difficult for the team to keep track of things. Consolidating all the ideas in one thread will make it far easier for the developers.

    The fact we have this new thread which is still open should attest to the fact that the team are still planning more features.

    All that said, I'm going to close this thread now. If you feel the linked topic doesn't adequately describe what you desire, feel free to bullet-point some ideas out of what's still missing.

    Just remember - there isn't a public bug tracker. The forum isn't a public tracker. That one topic was closed, sure. But I can tell you internally there is a bug still tracking toolbar customisation, which is not yet marked as done, and it has many many sub-items which still need to be worked on.

    Apologies if how the forum requests are managed has been confusing, but rest assured that this feature is still coming.

    your current approach confuses people a lot, especially ones comig from chrome who have no idea what they're missing and they keep repeating "it's already done, what's your problem?"

    If you see any such users, feel free to point them to this comment, or the new thread

    If you do have serious grievances about how the forum is moderated, you can conduct a private chat with some of the moderators using the forum's chat function, and when they are available they can respond that way.

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