Vivaldi hogging all memory when browsing HuffingtonPost

  • I noticed that one of the vivaldi subtasks was using more memory than was available - sothat my laptop became very slow due to disc usage swapping in and out of memory pages during huffingtonpost. I had to use the procexp system program to kill the specific task that was hogging memory.Just stopping the tab did not work - the tab disappeared but the task kep using cpu and memory thefore I am glad that I have procexp so that I could kill the task in question.

  • Welcome to the forum wfheller!

    The Huffington Post is on several main domains like .com, .de, .ca, and Which one did you open? Did you try to kill the task via the onboard tools of Windows (Task Manager)?

  • It is the
    The program i use is Procexcp64.exe from the SystemInternals suite from Microsoft.
    I think it has something todo with some script repeatedly invoking itself in order to refresh the items on the page.
    But the next refresh requests probably comes before the previous one is finished thus causing a cascade os requests each invoking itself again until all memory is used.

    By the way Opera12 has the same problem but Opera33 does not have it.


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