We need to be able to save Settings

  • This is a plea to Vivaldi to complete the project begun in 2018 to save the Settings.

    • 'File --> Import Bookmarks and Settings' is expecting that Settings can be saved.
    • Tools --> Settings --> Keyboard --> Window has an 'Export Settings' button, which can be set, but which does nothing.

    Vivaldi is rightly famous for the flexibility of its settings, but with that comes the responsibility to allows its users to 'Save Settings' because of the complexity of setting everything up again from memory.

    I know that one can Sync, and I know that one can save the whole Vivaldi folder, but Sync is designed for a different problem, and savings the whole folder is clumsy. Please just take a little time off from new features to finish the project that was clearly envisaged at least in 2018 and probably earlier.

    Even just a TXT file listing the Settings would be good, because that can be saved, and things that have gone wrong can be fixed from here. It should of course include the Keyboard Shortcuts.

    This post follows very constructive comments by @Pesala in the normal Windows Forum at https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/50675/i-can-t-export-settings .

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