High CPU usage

  • Not sure why, but the browser keeps using about 60% of my CPU (3rd gen i5). I launched the browser in private window with no extensions, and the usage was still the same.
    V: 3.3.2022.45 (64bit)

  • @sahands But on what page? If it's an internal page, very strange. But if it's not, then not unheard of, especially if you don't have a good ad blocker. Also, if you have 600 tabs open, this is the time to come clean. 🙂

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    @sahands So, that's probably not normal. An i5 3470 is a four-core processor that runs at between 3.2 and 3.6 GHz. I'm sitting here looking at a dual-core, 2.5 GHz (and that's the only speed it has) processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, eight tabs loaded and running between 14% and 22% while scrolling facebook. When I stop scrolling, processor use drops to between 0% and 10%. So there is no way Vivaldi needs that share of your processor cycles, if Vivaldi is all that is going on.

    So the questions are: How much and what generation of RAM? DDR3 I suppose? Any 3rd party security software on your machine? Are you playing videos or something? Your processor should be handling Vivaldi without even having to take a deep breath.

  • oh it's worse than you think, it's at ~60% usage when no page is loaded and mouse is not moving around! 6GB DDR3 RAM.
    Have bitdefender running, but that uses 0-0.2% CPU in the background.
    Maybe I need to clean something out of my vivaldi "Default" folder?

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    @sahands Bitdefender has been known to "inspect" every Vivaldi process, slowing both the browser and the system, and consuming significant resources. But it might not be the only possible culprit.

    Rarely, a graphics driver problem can also cause this, as Vivaldi has to use different codecs from other browsers, and has a different display architecture.

    But the most common reason for the scenario that you describe is that something on your machine is actively interfering with Vivaldi's function. Usually this will be security software, and it will be because it does not "recognize" and does not "trust" Vivaldi. These are not the only ones, but for instance check your task manager for ProductAgentService.exe and bdagent.exe. These are Bitdefender processes - and if they are consuming resources while Vivaldi is just sitting there, this may be a clue.

  • that wasn't it.
    as I suspected, something was wrong with vivaldi, to be more specific, the Default folder, I removed it and only saved my extentions files, restarted the browser, and CPU usage is 0.5% now

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    @sahands Which means that in the "Default" folder there was a data file that was so large, or sufficiently corrupted, that it could not be parsed without vast use of resources. This is not a normal or designed trait of Vivaldi. It has not happened in more than eighteen versions/installs of the browser on seven of my machines and OSes. Hence, something unlooked-for happened. It's a shame we can't know which file that was, that Vivaldi was obsessing over...

  • well I have backups of all files on my computer, looking at the backup of the deleted "Default" folder, only large file that I see is the cache folder at 312 MB, don't know about any sufficiently corrupted files.

  • @sahands And if you bring the backed-up Default folder back to where it was, does it still happen? Take another backup of your current working Default before you do that obv.

    If you delete all browsing data, including passwords/bookmarks etc in the profile (Ctrl+Shift+Del or in Tools menu), does it still happen?

    I guess you could always upload the compressed folder somewhere for others to try to recreate the problem if it still happens after clearing all data. However, there might still be some sensitive data so not sure if it's a good idea. But I'd be willing to have a look, if you're comfortable with it. Maybe send me the link in chat. If I can recreate the situation on a different system we might have something to work with.

  • Yes the CPU usage goes up if I bring the old default folder back, it goes back to normal if I remove all the browsing data+passwords etc.
    I won't be uploading or sending my files to anyone.

  • @sahands Don't worry about it. At least you won't have to completely reset your profile 😊

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