Lastpass extension bugs

  • Working with the Lastpass extension I noticed a few bugs: - Menu when clicking on the Lastpass button (it's UI) isn't always resizing. For example when logging in after a cold start. - [b]Re-authentication is broken[/b] for items that require it in your vault. After authenticating (normally only password) it also asks for the second factor key in my case. After authenticating nothing happens. Failing to authenticate will sign you out completely instead of just aborting the action of opening the item. Now I'm forced to fire up Firefox to access those items! :unsure: - Password generation "dialog" is ugly and shown inline. Chrome had this issue as well but shows a native dialog now.

  • Work has been done in the new snapshot I see! Re-authentication now works and I haven't seen any bugs so far with the plugin window not resizing.

    We're getting there :P I'll keep this topic updated with my findings.

    Okay: plugin menu resizing bug is fixed. Re-authentication only partially. It remembers the session and re-authenticates using second factor but password protected items in my vault still won't work. It asks for my password but again also my second factor key and then does nothing.

  • Hi,

    I am having login issues with the Lastpass Chrome extention in the latest stable release, which of this posting is version 1.1.453.47. When I try to login to my Lastpass account, it takes well over a minute for it to respond. I also use two factor auth for logon, and it takes me a couple, sometimes several, submissions of codes for me to successfully login. There are also long response delays associated with entering a two factor code as well. This issue only effects the installs on my Windows work laptop and my other Ubuntu laptop. The Vivaldi browser installed on my Mac is not effected by this login issue.

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