Password Dialog box cut off

  • My password dialog box is consistently cut off in every webpage that uses it.

    I do have some custom CSS that modifies or hides small parts of the UI like the closed tab trash bin, the menu icon, etc.

    I'm unable to inspect the password dialog box to try to fix it with CSS.

    Screenshot from 2020-09-12 05-31-45.png

    Any advice on the selectors I can modify?

  • @D0PE Hi, welcome to the Vivaldi Community! 🙂 👍

    Unfortunately, that password dialog is not part of the Vivaldi UI but part of Chromium so can't be inspected.

    Are you running multiple monitors?

    If you disable your custom CSS, for instance by moving them out of the mod-folder, does the issue still appear?

  • Thank you!
    I am not running multiple monitors. I disabled my custom CSS and the issue persists.

  • @D0PE I think the problem might be related to running in windowed/restore mode.


    Try clicking the icon to set the window maximised, does it help? I wasn't able to reproduce even with it in windowed mode and placing it on the very edge of the screen.

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